Clash of Clans – Top Tips To Better Destroy Everyone Standing In Your Face

One of the most played strategy games on mobile devices is Clash of Clans. This game brings new players to it everyday and if you are one of them, and if you’re about to start a Clan War with your Clan members, here are 10 tips that you will help you succeed in this great game.

  1. Defending your Town Hall and Clan Castle in Clan War

The Clan who finishes with the most stars is the one who wins the Clan War. Because of this, you should do whatever you can to defend your Town Hall. For example, even if your attacker destroys your entire village, but the Town Hall doesn’t get destroyed, he will not get those 3 stars he wanted. Along with the Town Hall, you should also defend your Clan Castle. Place it somewhere near the Town Hall, so that the troops inside the Castle will get out and defend your Town Hall when enemies are approaching. Keep in mind that all the Clan War battles will take place in a “virtual” village, after the preparation day, when the system will copy your village layout and will use the layout during the Clan War.

  1. Better safe then sorry

It might sound silly, but it is better to double check your village layout before the preparation ends. Even if you are an experienced Clash of Clans player, you can always forget to do something in your village and instead of regretting and be mad the entire Clan War, you should check twice, or even three times, your village layout.

  1. Aim for those 3 Stars

As we told you above, in Clan Wars, the clan that gets the most stars from the battles will win the War. You get one star for destroying 50% of the village, another star if you destroy the Town Hall and another star if you destroy completely a village. Always try to get 3 stars to help your Clan win the War.

  1. Watch replays and scout enemy bases

After the Preparation Day is over, you will have 24 hours to do your attacks. During this time, you should use the scout feature. Unlike the normal Clash of Clans battles, where you have only 30 seconds to plan your attack, in Clan Wars you can scout and plan your attack for as long as you want. Use this feature in your advantage and find the best attacking strategy. In case the target was already attacked by another Clan member, be sure to check the replay and watch it in order to know where the traps are, as well as what troops he has in the Clan Castle.

  1. Don’t mind about resources and trophies

As we told you above, during the preparation day you will setup your village layout and after that, the system will copy it in order to make a virtual village for the Clan Wars. Keep in mind that you will not loose loot or trophies when the virtual village is attacked in Clan War.

  1. Take advantage of your opponent’s weak points

After you scouted an opponent that you are sure you will defeat, create an army that will “exploit” all the strengths and weaknesses of the village. In case the one you want to attack has high level walls, some wall breakers might come in handy, so be sure to bring some for this kind of situation. Your army should also be balanced in melee and range. At the same time, you want to bring some weak/cheap troops to intentionally trigger the traps.

  1. Lure out the troops from the enemy’s Clan Castle

In case you find a village that doesn’t have the Clan Caste positioned in the middle of the village, you can try to lure the Clan Castle troops outside and kill them easily. Most of the enemies will have pretty strong troops in Clan Castle so it’s very important to lure them out of the village and kill them, as they are not backed up by the defensive buildings. You can tank the Clan Castle troops with some Giants and get some ranged troops behind them to easily kill the enemy troops.

  1. Clan Castle and troops that should be donated

To be sure that you will win the Clan Wars, let the high ranked players to donate troops in other members Clan Castle. In case you are new to the game and have low upgraded troops, do not donate, and instead let someone who has high upgraded troops to donate. It is useless to fill someone’s Clan Castle if you fill it with weak troops.

  1. Keeping the loot in Clan Castle

In case you are saving resources in order to build something, then you should keep the loot in your Clan Castle. Even if the attackers can get some resources from the Clan Castle, they will get less than if you would move the resources to your storages. However, always get the resources from your Clan Castle before another Clan Wars ends, because if it’s almost full, you will not get the bonus of resources when the next Clan Wars ends.

The Last one is: Don’t be greedy

You should always help your clan win the war by getting the most stars possible. However, if your Clan is doing pretty well and you’re sure that it will win the War, then you can attack even stronger opponents that will get you only 1 star. Always remember, you should do this ONLY when you are 100% sure that your Clan is far ahead and when the victory is secured.


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