Google Play Store Latest Version Free Download and Install

You must already be asking yourself why you need a newer version of the Google Pay Store every now and then.

Well, if you are still thinking twice about updating to the latest Google Play Store, there are lots of reasons that should drive you towards this move.

So, why update to the latest Play Store on your Android device?

The first and major reason why you need to upgrade to the latest Google Play Store version on your Android phone or tablet is that you’ll be sure of being able to use the most secure app, boasting the latest available features in the store.

The latest Google Play Store also boasts a new UI that looks a lot neater and performs much better than the older version. Using the latest version will ensure that your experience is far superior as the navigation process will be faster and easier and the bugs that affect the app’s performance no longer exist thanks to the new version. Since the previous version of Google Play Store was launched, there have been lots of issues raised by thousands of Android users. This is what the latest version of the Play Store is meant for – correcting any past errors, issues and bugs that affect the experience of using the app.

In the latest Google Play Store, you will come across a new search facility that is much quicker than before. This means that it is now much easier to hunt down any app in the store and download it to your phone or tablet.

From a security point of view, having the latest version of Google Play Store will save you lots of troubles. Hackers are everywhere and they will jump at every opportunity or loophole they see in an app in order to satisfy their personal needs. After an app has been around for a while, chances of being vulnerable increase and using a newer version means you have an app with reinforced or revamped security protocols.

Using the latest version of Google Play Store will always assure you of getting the latest ‘everything’. Apps, games, the Google framework, the Play Store Services, among other services are updated and what you get is the latest features that are aimed at protecting users from any potential threat.

How to check the Play Store version installed on your Android device

The Google Play Store comes preinstalled on all Android devices and it is not that straightforward to know the version of Play Store installed on your phone or tablet. However, checking the version of Play Store and any other apps installed on your device is very easy. Simply find the location of the app via the Apps settings and tap on the Google Play Store app. You will see the version installed and after this, check for the latest version available in the Play Store.

If using an older version, make sure you update to the latest version in order to stay on top with the latest features, bug fixes and performance enhancements. The Google Play Store is very important to your Android phone and tablet, so ensure you always stay up to date with the latest version. It’s free to download, install and use for a lifetime.

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