WhatsApp Calling Not Activated? Here is How to Solve It

Since its announcement on January 2015, WhatsApp calling has been a much-anticipated feature of this popular multimedia application for several reasons: for people with Wi-Fi and or unlimited Internet connection, this VoIP-based system of communication with other WhatsApp users is cost effective.

It is also reliable, very easy to use, and works well with both local and international numbers. As of March of 2015, individuals no longer have to speculate on WhatsApp’s voice calling feature.

With the following guiding steps, you can activate WhatsApp voice calling feature in your smart phone and enjoy its innovative features:

Download the Latest Version of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a dynamic application that ranks among the best multimedia applications in the market. To satisfy the needs of users and optimize its performance for the better, its developers release frequent updates that are attainable via Google Play and Apple App store. The latest update, for instance, has not only improved its performance, but also introduced its much coveted feature, voice calling.

To activate it in your phone, therefore, the first thing you should do is update your copy of WhatsApp to the latest version. This is not as hard as it sounds. Navigate to Google Play Store and load the application.

On its home page, open Apps settings by clicking the three dashes on the top left corner and clicking My Apps. Navigate to WhatsApp and update. If you are among the lucky few who get WhatsApp Voice Calling activated automatically, your old home page will now have three tabs, “CALLS, CHATS, and CONTACTS.

Unfortunately, if you do not see the three tabs, you must receive a call from a contact with WhatsApp voice call activated in his or her smart phone to solve this problem. Read on for detailed instructions on how to do this manually.

WhatsApp Calling Voice Activation

If you have WhatsApp installed, have updated it to the latest build, but the WhatsApp Voice Calling feature does not work, do not lose hope. You can solve this problem easily by doing the following: first, identify a friend or colleague with WhatsApp’s Voice Calling feature activated.

Contact him or her via WhatsApp chat and ask him or her to call your phone number from within the application. Once you receive the call, let it run for two to five seconds, hang up, and close WhatsApp. The next time you open WhatsApp, the three tabs, CALLS, CHAT, and CONTACTS will show on the screen, indicating that you have activated voice call.

Since its launch by WhatsApp Inc. in 2009, WhatsApp is now one of the most used applications by smart phone owners worldwide. It is flexible, very easy to use, and comes with many innovative features that improve the lives of its users positively.

For instance, a part from sending unlimited text messages and or sharing multimedia files (audio and videos) with friends and colleagues, you can make voice calls with your contacts via its innovative VoIP protocol. All you have to do is update WhatsApp to the latest downloadable build and receive a call from a person with WhatsApp voice call activated to enjoy its myriad of benefits.

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