What Samsung Tablets Will Feature Android Lollipop?

Google officially launched Android Lollipop in November 2014 for various smartphones and tablets. Nexus devices received the update first, followed by some Motorola handsets. HTC and Samsung smartphone owners can expect the update in early 2015. Of course, most of these updates have become available for smartphones rather than tablets. Samsung boasts a diverse lineup of tablets, and many users are wondering if they’re going to receive a Lollipop update any time soon.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Variants

Various versions of the Galaxy Tab 4 are available, including 7-, 8-, and 10.1-inch models. These devices are incredibly popular among consumers and could see an update to Android Lollipop. At the moment, each tablet runs Android 4.4.2, so an update to the newest operating system wouldn’t be that difficult. It remains to be seen whether this happens or not, though. Perhaps only the two largest versions of the Galaxy Tab 4 would receive an update because the 7-inch model is a low-end device.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S Models

An 8.4- or 10.5-inch model is available under the Galaxy Tab S line. Once again, these devices run Android 4.4.2 and were released in mid-2014. A Lollipop update would make sense for these devices since they’re high-end tablets by most standards. Being so new makes a switch to Lollipop even more likely, but no guarantees can be made here. Either way, both tablets could take advantage of the increased performance through Android 5.0, and the hardware could handle the update, too.

A Company With A Poor History of Tablet Updates

Traditionally, Samsung has been slow to upgrade the operating systems on its tablets. Devices released with one version of Android OS often aren’t updated to a newer version. A few devices have been upgraded as new updates have been released for other Android devices, though. Still, users of Samsung’s tablets have grown accustomed to not getting updates that frequently when major Android OS updates have become available. The company’s smartphones, however, have seen regular updates to new OS versions.

Samsung Set To Release Tablets in 2015

While older Samsung tablets might not receive Android Lollipop, the company does have slates releasing in 2015. For instance, a 10-inch Galaxy Tab 5 is rumored for release during the first part of the year. The company’s new tablets should see Android Lollipop out of the box, which will further drive sales of these tablets. No excuse can be made for a major company releasing a tablet in 2015 without Lollipop after all. For that reason, each Samsung device released in 2015 should run the latest version of Android, including any tablets.

No Word On Lollipop For Samsung Tablets…Yet

In the end, Samsung could be working on Lollipop updates for some of its tablets. The company is under little pressure to update its already existing tablets, considering Android KitKat is still a viable operating system. All of the company’s future slates and tablets should run Android Lollipop, though. As tablets become more powerful, Lollipop will allow them to perform some really powerful tasks that couldn’t be handled with KitKat. Samsung fans can expect an announcement about older devices updating to Lollipop or new Lollipop tablets coming out within the next few months.

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