Google Play Store – Android Users to Get New Material Design and More

Android smartphone users are very familiar with the Google Play Store.

This is the application which helps them download new and credible applications from large selection by Google. Most Android phones are also preinstalled with the briefcase-like icon that promises to give the users amazing services in the applications and technology world.

What’s more, all authorized updates are done via the Play Store together with the app’s ability to tap into internet connection, Wi-Fi and mobile data.

New Material Design

The new material design Google Play 5.4.11 APK file comes with Google Play Newsstand and Google Plus updates. The Android L Developer Preview releases first broke the news of the new Google Play Store app and that has already excited users and developers alike.

When you update the Google Play Store to the current version you will be wowed by the amazingnew material design. There is a raft of other changes that come with the new Play Store. The icons have been dramatically improved. Just view the slide out drawer menu to witness for yourself. The new changes make the Play Store more visible and fitting widget suggestion icons to be carried in the new material design.

Android users are the first beneficiaries of the cool and brand new update from Google Play Store.  In the next few days Android users who comprise the largest Google market will have tried the new innovation.

You do not have to wait for automatic updates in order to install the new app. You can do so manually by downloading the new app in APK version and installing it on your smartphone. If you experience bouts of app crashes just uninstall it and revert to the older version available in the Google Play Store.

Unknown sources feature

The new Google Play Store version 5.4.11 is available for download from APKfield, APKmirror and other assorted technology websites. Be sure to change the security settings on your Android phone by enabling the Unknown Sources feature so that it authorize the device to install the new and improved version of Google Play Store.

To change the security settings just follow these easy instructions: go to the Settings icon then select Applications or Settings and finally land on the Security option. The variation in the installation steps depends on the Android version that you have on your smartphone.

Review the new Google material design to provide valuable information to developers and users who intend to utilize the Google Play Store.

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