Watch Dogs – Could It Have Been Made Any Better?

There is no doubt that Watch Dogs is a great game.

Ubisoft claims to have shipped more than 9 million copies of the game and by every measure, the game has been a huge hit. This is perhaps a sign that more sequels to the game will be made. With fans clamoring for a Watch Dog 2, which is likely to come up soon, this seems almost inevitable. However, there is always room for improvement and so it is with Watch Dogs as well. The game, which has already garnered a great response, would have been unstoppable if it had incorporated some much needed improvements. Read on to find what these improvements are.

More Clarity on Storyline

One of the greatest things about any good game is its storyline. There are a lot of games that have very tight story lines that keep players engrossed. Unfortunately, that is not the case with Watch Dogs. This does not mean that Watch Dogs does not have a great story. It only means that the game does not have a core identity. Some more clarity on the game will definitely make it much more insistent. A great story is certainly one which allows for understanding of the sequence of events in the game. While Watch Dog does have an overall theme, the details could have been worked out a little more.

More Room to Hack

Watch Dogs is all about hacking into government computers and get information as well as stuff. The game, however, has limited things that you can hack. There is no limit to what could have been done using the hacking protocols in the game. If the developers use their imagination right, they can easily create more space for hacking. Cars, pacemakers, even dreams! There is no limit to how far one can stretch technology and its consequences.

A Better Protagonist

Every successful game out there has a protagonist who has a great personality and who inspires confidence and awe. Aiden Pearce is certainly not what heroes are made of. So players want someone with more personality and more things going for him/her. A star character, like those in some of the other Ubisoft games should be able to do nicely. Someone who has more spunk and fewer cliches would be a good start.

More Moves

Watch Dogs is not a shooting game and therefore, you have hacking as your weapon. The only way you defeat your enemies is by hacking and disabling them or getting stuff than can help you disable them. This is a great idea, but the game would have been more interesting if players had more options to play with. More spying techniques and the ability to infiltrate are some of the things that would do well in Watch Dogs. If there were more hacking, more stealth and a lot of other non-shooting ways to power through the game, it would be certainly an added advantage. This paired with better side quests would be a great way to make the game more interesting and keep players glued to their seats.

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