Watch Dogs Bad Blood DLC Features RC Cars and More

The newly released Watch Dogs Bad Blood DLC is definitely awesome and it is a game changer without a doubt.

It is the first expansion pack for the title that introduces an all new character named T-Bone. He’s got so many tricks up his sleeve and a whole lot of gadgets that will keep you busy for so many hours together. In fact, after playing the expansion pack, many players couldn’t help but wonder why the original game wasn’t this fun in the first place.

Driving Eugene

Sounds really crazy, but Eugene is the name of the remote controlled car that you use, to hack into buildings in the Bad Blood DLC. The car received its name from its master T-Bone and it is an IED on wheels. You will be able to park it near any car, computer terminal or even near guards. The RC car can be detonated like a bomb or can be used as a virtual hub to hack into servers which are located far from the user. The car is also integrated with a camera that will let you scan areas but the only catch is that it is available only for select missions.

Street Sweeps

These are unique dynamic missions that were never part of Watch Dogs, but have been added to the expansion pack. The missions are all allotted by detective Sheila Billings who asks you to help them clean the streets of Chicago. The areas are bustling with activity and street gangs are trying to control each part.

There are three different types of gangs – the Chicago South club, Fixers who are mercenaries and lastly the Militia who are fully trained in armed combat. Each one of them gets difficult as you proceed but the advantage is that you can choose to do the missions along with a co-op buddy which makes it all the more fun. Just allow the game to automatically search for a nearby partner before you begin the mission. Doing so with a buddy is definitely fun.

Cloth Customization

T-Bone, even though an old guy, loves to wear new clothes and he does it with style. There are so many nice options to choose from and you can dress up your character, the way you want him to. It adds more hours to the game play and makes Watch Dogs more exciting than ever. If you own the game, make sure you buy and check out this expansion pack.


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