GTA 5 Gets Grappling Hook like Just Cause to Scale Buildings Easily

The game is great and the world of Los Santos is really huge.

You just can’t complain as the sheer number of vehicles available will let you roam freely, except when it comes to reaching buildings’ tops.

If your aerial driving skills are great, you can spawn a chopper or a plane to jump on top of buildings. But, the process is extremely time-consuming and it isn’t as simple as it sounds. Planes can’t be landed on top of buildings because they fly at high speed. You have to jump off, use the parachute and navigate your way to the top. Helicopters are good, but once again one has to manually drive it which spoils the fun. Putting an end to all the misery, here comes the grappling hook which makes GTA 5 look like Just Cause, letting you scale buildings in seconds.

Hook your vehicles

Grand Theft Auto is very similar to Just Cause in a lot of ways, because it has a huge city, has vehicles and allows you to indulge in multiple activities. The only thing missing was a grappling hook which made the latter so much fun. Being on PC, obviously the modders thought about the same and have released a new mod, which will now allow you to use the hook in GTA V as well.

As with most other games, this hook not only attaches to buildings but also to police helicopters, other vehicles. You can connect two different vehicles and tag them along with a trailer. Some players simply love to connect multiple vehicles together so as to create a huge crash with lots of explosion. Connecting vehicles is one activity that never gets boring. The JC2 grappling hook mod makes it readily possible. You can also climb buildings much faster now.

Things to Know about Mods

While GTA 5 PC mods are definitely too good to resist, you should know that Rockstar doesn’t entertain people using it in online matches. So, don’t use them even if it is only cosmetic as it could get you banned. Some of the mods, like the angry planes mod, had malware in them. It is wise to run an antivirus scan and also read comments online to know if your choice of mod is safe to use. Always proceed with precaution when downloading and installing them. You can download this grappling hook mod from this link below. A preview video is there for you to get your first glimpse.

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