Viber – Voice and Video Calls over the Internet Have Never Been Better

There was a time in the last decade when people would spend loads of money for communication with their near and dear ones.

Even communication in local area would cost plenty of money and when it came to communication over international borders, letters and emails were the only options available to mankind. However, with the introduction of a large number of online calling and messaging applications like Viber and similar others, in recent years, communication between people has become easier and much cheaper than ever before. Today, people get to talk to each other for free, irrespective of the geographical distance between them and this has happened only due to the many free calling and texting applications.

How Has Viber Revolutionized Communication?

With the introduction of this application, people had exposure to a platform that they could make use of in order to communicate with other people completely free of cost. Viber is one of those applications that allow people to make free phone calls, video calls and send and receive free text messages to each other. Using this application in a Smartphone device, a person can call another user of the application and talk to them for free, irrespective of the duration of the call. The application also allows the users to conference a call for free, in which they can bring in more than two people on a call at the same time. The only condition is that all persons to be called must have the application installed in the Smartphone devices that they use.

Video Calling Made Simpler & Easier

One of the most attractive features of Viber, which makes it better than other similar applications, is that it offers users with the ability to make video calls with others. There are plenty of other applications that allow people to make VoIP calls for free, but this application is one of the only two instant messaging applications that have video calling facilities. The other is Skype. Making calls with this application is very easy and only requires both the caller and the receiver to have a camera in their Smartphone device. Using the camera with the application, users can have video conversations with their loved ones over the internet. However, Viber does not allow users to hold video conference calls over the internet. This means that only two people can be involved in a video call at any given point of time.

Are VoIP Calls Free with regard to International Calls?

Well, the answer is yes! All VoIP calls, be it voice or video, are free for the users of this application. People can call other people across any country on the surface of the Earth for free, as long as both persons involved have the application on their Smartphone devices and both devices have internet connectivity. Hence, Viber has proved to be the best option for people who have to make international calls to keep in touch with their loved ones, because now, then can do it for free!

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