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If you are new to Clash of Clans and you have no idea how to defend your village, then you’ve came to the right place. Most of your defensive buildings will require gold, so keep that in mind and try to stock as much gold as possible.

First Defensive Buildings: Archer Towers, Cannons and Mortars

When your Town Hall reaches level 3, you will have access to three defensive buildings: Archers Towers, Cannons and Mortars.

Between these three, the Archer tower is the weakest defensive building but features the longest range which means that it can hit way before the enemies are getting near it. This defensive building can attack both air units and ground units.

The cannon can attack only ground units and it comes with a decent damage and range. The mortar is also able to hit only ground units, but it does splash damage which can destroy large stacked groups. However, once the enemies are in melee range of it, the mortar will not be able to hit them and this is why you will need to cover it by placing archer towers and cannons in range of it.

Keep in mind that when you upgrade defensive structures, they will not be able to attack so try to upgrade one cannon/archer tower/mortar at a time because if you upgrade them all at once, your base will be out of defense.

To defend your village you also have traps such as spring plates and bombs but at early levels they will feel really expensive and you can’t use too many and they will be somehow useless. However, as your Town Hall gets higher, it unlocks more traps that you can enable, and you can use them to trick your enemy.

Keep in mind that you will end up using all the defensive buildings that you have and the placements of them will play a big role.


After you build something that is worth defending, you will have to add extra defenses to it by building walls. The good thing on walls is that they are instantly created and upgraded. You can move walls a row at a time by tapping one piece and then tap on “select row” button. This will make your life easier when you are about to change your base layout.

However, like traps you will also have a number of walls that you can build, and as high is your Town Hall, the more you can build. Here are a few buildings you should consider placing behind the walls: Town Hall, storage buildings and defensive buildings.

However, at a low level you should consider using all your resources to not “lure” any attacker. Most of the players will just ignore a village with low resources and tap the “next” button to find another one. So, keeping low resources might be crucial in the low levels.

Keep in mind that you can move buildings without getting any penalty at all. When your Town Hall is reaching level 4, you will be able to use a feature called “Village Edit Mode” by tapping the hand icon located on the bottom right of the screen, which will allow you to move buildings inside of it. This will be a feature that you will most likely use when you will change your village layout, by just placing buildings inside the village edit mode and just get them out one by one and place them in the right spot.

What’s happening when you are attacked?

When that happens, another player will start releasing troops into your village (not inside, somewhere near it, as they can’t deploy troops in the middle of the map). Those troops will start attacking your village’s buildings and walls. Some of them will have a “favorite” target, while others will just hit the closest building. However, the troops that you have inside your army camps will not defend your village, but the troops inside the Clan Castle will try to do that along with cannons, mortars, tower archers and other defensive buildings that you’ve built.

If the buildings get destroyed, they will be rebuilt within seconds after you log back into the game. When you log into the game and you notice that your traps have been triggered, you will need to rearm them in order to function in the next battle.

Defense Log

After each attack you will receive a defense log, which you can watch later and see who attacked you. You can even see the battle which is a great thing, as you can see what he did to destroy your village and where are your weak spots. As soon as you notice which your weak spots are, try to play a bit with the layout of your village in order to make your village stronger.

Other Clash of Clans Tips and Tricks

1. Don’t use the edge of the map as your enemy will be able to drop the troops right behind your walls.

2. Pack your village in some way to take advantage of all the defensive buildings you have. The more packed it is, the more your defensive buildings will can protect (as long as they have enough range).

3. Try to have all kinds of protections on each side of the village. For example, it is useless to have only ground type of protection on a side, because it will be vulnerable for air attacks.

4. As soon as you rebuild your Clan Castle, join a clan and start requesting troop donation before you logoff from the game. As we told you above, the troops inside the Clan Castle will defend your village, so you will need as many as possible.

5. Before you logoff from the game, fill your army camps with troops and also over queue other troops in your barracks, as you will save elixir. You may wonder how you will save elixir by doing this, but it’s quite simple. When you queue a troop an amount of elixirs swill be taken from you, but when you cancel the training you will get the elixirs back. So, since your army camps are full, the troops from barracks will not be able to be trained which means that if you logoff for even 7hours those troops will still not be trained. When you login back to the game, just cancel their training and you will get the invested elixirs back.


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