Viber Download Latest Version Video-Photo Messages to iPhone Camera Roll

Viber is one of the best applications out there which allows you to make calls by using your internet connection. Even if Viber’s main rival is Skype, this application continues to be one of the most used applications for VoIP calls.

Aside from the VoIP services, the application also allows you to send text messages, video messages, audio notes, just like any other messaging application out there, such as WhatsApp.

By default, Viber is saving all the videos and pictures that you receive via the application on your Photos application (Camera Roll). In case you don’t want to save these files there, then you can disable this feature by going to Viber->Settings->Media->Save to Gallery.

When you install Viber, you will notice that the system will even ask you if you want to allow Viber to access your Camera Roll. If you didn’t allow Viber to do that, then this feature is disabled and nothing that you receive via Viber will be saved on your device Camera Roll.

Allowing Viber to cess your iPhone’s Camera Roll

In order to allow Viber to access your Camera Roll, you will have to open Viber, go to “More menu”->Settings->Media and after that you will have to enable “Save to Gallery”. After you do this, all the media that you receive via Viber will be automatically saved in the Gallery (Camera Roll).

However, you still have to do something else before it will work on your iPhone. Go to your iPhone’s Settings and select Privacy. There you will notice Photos, tap on it and you will see a list of applications that can access your Photos from the Camera Roll. If you don’t see Viber in the list or if it’s turned OFF, then you will have to turn Viber ON or else you will not be able to see any video or photo files you’ve received via Viber on Camera Roll.

Now you’re done and you will be able to see any media files you’ve received on Viber on Camera Roll.

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