Best Tips to Watch YouTube Videos on WhatsApp

YouTube is a very common name among internet users.

The reason for this is that this application or platform is the home to millions of funny videos that are shared by the millions of people who use it.

This platform allows any account holder to upload almost any video file format as long as the content can be categorized as any of music, gaming, sports, pets and animas or comedy, among others.

YouTube allows sharing of videos on social media platforms

YouTube is a Google-based service and using this video streaming platform, you can share almost any video with your friends and family. This means that if, by any chance, you watch a video on YouTube and you want some of your friends to see the video too, you can share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or even LinkedIn.

Now that WhatsApp is taking control of the social networking niche, many users will want to share a funny video they watched on YouTube with some of their WhatsApp friends. This is true because WhatsApp offers its users, the ability to share messages like videos, but only between themselves. There is no sharing button on YouTube that allows users to share the videos on WhatsApp directly.

Will WhatsApp allow YouTube users to share videos?

While there is no probable chance that the developers of WhatsApp will be introducing this video sharing capability from YouTube, there is still a way you can use to share YouTube videos on WhatsApp. Probably, there is a chance of seeing integration between WhatsApp and Facebook, and may be the ability to share WhatsApp stuff on Facebook and the other way round.

Playing YouTube videos natively on WhatsApp is not possible at the moment. However, there is a way of sharing a video from your YouTube app to any of your WhatsApp contacts. Here is how.

How to play YouTube videos on WhatsApp

To share a YouTube video and play or watch it on WhatsApp, launch the YouTube app and search for the video you wish to share then follow it by tapping on the Share button. From the menu that pops up, you will notice that WhatsApp is among the options. Tap on it and then choose the contact you want to see the video.

Once you tap on this contact, a link containing the video will be sent to this person. Tapping on the link will prompt the user to open it using YouTube and he/she will be redirected to the video sharing app in order to play the video. This is basically the only way you can share YouTube videos on WhatsApp.

If you want your friend to watch the video directly from WhatsApp, you must first of all download the app to your phone then share it from the phone. In this way, it will be possible to play and watch the video natively. To download a YouTube file on your Android device, you must use a video downloading tool like Videoder.

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