Twitter Tips and Tricks – Becoming an Instant Hit on Twitter

One very simple thing to become is a Twitter pest.

This is a person who explodes out tweets that have nothing to do with their profiles, constantly begs people to follow them in their tweets and or messages, as well as that who keeps spamming the same links.

When it comes to Twitter, be the best, not a pest. The worst thing to be doing on Twitter is begging people, for instance, to follow you, liking a re-tweet or even liking a follow, since these make you look like having limited brain or mental capacity on top of looking desperate. Someone may think begging people to follow you on twitter will or may get you suspended.

How to get more Twitter followers

Well, it may not. But the bad news is that it labels you as a ‘pest’ among the other twitter users. This actually results in some people having to stop following you on Twitter. To be a winner on Twitter, you simply follow people you think or feel might be interested in you and your thoughts hoping that they will do the same for you – follow you back – for the vital thing on Twitter is not getting immediate followers; rather, more people will naturally follow you over time as other people start to know and follow you.

When you post relevant tweets on Twitter regularly, people will naturally start following you. You have to keep them interested in your posts before they start thinking that you are a pest. If your profile is related to new car models, your followers might grumble if you start making posts about high heel shoes or something else not related to new car models.

The only way to become this is to maintain the skill of coming up with unique content in each and every tweet. Proper usage of the services provided by Google Alerts, and helps keep your name clean and distanced from the pest tag. If you don’t have many different pages to post, there are various URL shortening tools that can be used to change the links of these pages. These tools enable you to make numerous and different links that automatically point to the same page.

At this point, you should be having some concrete knowledge regarding the major things that are to be considered when it comes to becoming the best on Twitter and not a pest. In addition, by now you know some of the tools that have been developed to aid in the creation of status updates and posting them.

Bottom line

With these tools, hopefully, you can become one of the best on Twitter and realize the constant success this app can bring to your business or brand; otherwise, people on Twitter will label you a Twitter pest and once you get this label, it is almost impossible to get rid of it. In addition, if more than enough people report you to Twitter due to your ‘pest’ behavior, Twitter reserves the rights to suspend your account.

All in all, you should use the best twitter tools presented to you to avoid becoming a Twitter pest and become a Twitter best.

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