Top 6 Best Addictive Android Games Under 25MB

With the abundance of apps that can be found in the Google Play store, it comes as no surprise, that many Android phone users ultimately run out of storage, regardless of how large their internal storage may be.

But if you have a profound love for gaming apps and limited space on your device, you don’t have to delete your most precious Apps for one that’s over 1 GB to enjoy an incredible gaming experience.

Here are the top 6 best addictive Android games under 25MB.

6) Grand Prix Story

The whole concept of micromanaging your own racing team may seem bland at first glance, but when you really get into it, it provides you with hours of endless fun that is sure to have you coming back for more. Grand Prix Story is an App that allows you to micromanage your own racing team. For a price of $4.99 and at a size of 15 MB, this app allows you to train drivers, choose sponsors and accumulate cash, develop new vehicle sand upgrade the parts of those vehicles as your team strives to be the number one grand prix racing team.

5) Radiant Defense

Radiant Defense is a 15MB App, that is sure to appeal to tower game enthusiasts who enjoy destroying, wave after wave of enemies that are trying to attack their home bases. The thing that makes this tower game stand out is that it is as entertaining as it is visually appealing. It features a joyful array of colors that make you wonder if you’re watching a fireworks show, explosions and unique tower weaponry that is sure to keep you hooked for a long time.

4) Mind Games: Brain Training

Did you know that you can train your brain to be more focused, retain more memory and age at a slower rate ? Just like how you can train your lungs have greater air capacity, or to be able to hold your breath longer, you can train your brain to be more efficient in all aspects. Games such as checkers can enhance analytical thinking, Sudoku can improve memory and Mind Games: Brain Training is a 14 MB App that combines different games that improve several functions of your brain. And while you may assume that training your brain may not seem fun at all, the App manages to keep you hooked by demonstrating how much your brain function is improving by periodically giving you tests as you advance through the various levels of the different games that they have to offer.

3) Zombie Frontier

It’s something that all zombie lovers have been waiting on, an App that focuses on killing zombies and the survival aspects of being in a zombie-apocalypse. What makes this 13 MB App so unique is the fact that besides being able to chop down zombies from a first person perspective, the player can earn cash to buy bullets, body armor, new weaponry/explosives, barricades to keep the zombies at bay and perks that give the player superhuman abilities.

2) Robotek

If you consider yourself a strategist, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t download Robotek. At only 10 MB, Robotek’s unique twist on the rock, paper ,scissors concept, has users customizing their robots to inflict destruction on other players across the globe in a slot machine/rock paper scissors concept. Besides offering free multiplayer, this game is only 10 MB but yet still, it has over 200 levels that players can progress through, as their robots become more powerful and personalized.

1) Ninja Village

Ninja Village is an App that many people refer to as across in between the Sims and Total War. The whole purpose of the game is to develop and expand your village as you continuously accumulate money that you in turn use to create your own army and gradually take over feudal era Japan. On the strategic side you can create a variety of stores that attract people from all over Japan such as a sushi restaurant to a gift shop and even houses that your villagers can live in. Once you accumulate enough money to build up your army, you can invade other provinces and essentially become the largest empire in Japan. And at a size of 6.1 MB, it’s a must have for anyone who enjoys addictive micromanaging games such as the Sims, Total War or Starcraft.

Don’t let their small size fool you. These apps may be lightweight, but they’re definitely heavy in terms of the abundance of features that each of them have to offer. I guarantee that you once you try just one of them, that you will never ignore a small sized App, because you feel that its small size equates to a lack of replayability.

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