Top 5 Android Music Player Apps for 2015

Music is a very essential part of our lives in the present date.

Thanks to the many powerful devices we carry in our pockets, music has become part and parcel of most people’s life, especially when on the go.

The smartphone, for instance, has made it possible for the users to get rid of dedicated music players that dominated this industry a few years ago. While it is true that most people love listening to their favorite music using their Android smartphones, the need of a sleeker, cooler Android music player cannot be taken for granted.

Android devices come with a stock music player which is also very simple and easy to use; however, there are better options out there and they can be downloaded from the official Google Play Store. Here’s a closer look at the top 5 Android music players that will take your music listening experience to the next level.

Poweramp Android music player

If you are after a feature-rich Android music player, then Poweramp is just what you are missing on your Android smartphone. Together with its attractive interface, you won’t get tired of the features and capabilities this app offers. Among the most notable feature of Poweramp music player re stereo expansion, crossfade, an optimized graphical equalizer, gapless playback, dynamic cue, support for .cue files, as well as theme support, among many others. Poweramp music player will let you customize your listening experience; however, you only get the free 15-day trial period, after which you must purchase the full app.

Shuttle music player

This is a little-known app, but with it you will have one of the most powerful Android music players. Shuttle music player for Android devices is a premium music player that offers a sleek UI that is very simple to use. It’s true to say that Shuttle lacks in features; however, it is also true to say that this lack of features is compensated by the app’s great performance.

Better still, you will come across features like gapless playback, theme and lyrics support as well as sleep timer, among many others. If these features are not enough, you can get the Shuttle Plus premium version, which brings with it a lot of other cooler features such as folder browsing and tag editing.

PlayerPro music player

Over the years, PlayerPro music player has remained to be a top Android music player thanks to its ability to play audio and video files. In essence, PlayerPro music player will give you a two-in-one app for playing both your video and audio music files.

What makes this app a top option for playing music on Android devices is its support for a wide variety of codecs. Furthermore, you will come across great features like tag editing, skin support, mixable audio effects, sleep timer, a graphical equalizer, gestures and many others. PlayerPro comes with a free trial version; however, it is the paid version that will unleash the real monster in this Android music player.

DoubleTwist music player

The DoubleTwist Android music player is not a new name on the Google Play Store and this can be attributed to the fact that the app can easily sync iTunes as well as its podcast managing capabilities. This music player comes with a very simple and easy to use UI, making it one of the most top-rated apps on the Google Play Store.

You won’t miss any of the usual premium features of the Android music players on DoubleTwist music player; however, you will get more on this app. For instance, Magic Radio, which is a new music subscription feature is made available. Even though this music player is free for all Android users, those who want to see the real power of DoubleTwist music player must make some in-app purchases. Alternatively, you can subscribe for the Magic Radio service and still unlock the premium features of this player.

Equalizer + music player

Just like the name of the music player suggests, the selling feature of this player is the equalizer. This app works as a music player as well as a frequency equalizer. You will come across 5 bands and 10-band equalizer presets. The users of Equalizer+ have the opportunity to set their own equalizer preferences. The app also comes with features like professional sound rendering, contextual music search, media bass-volume control, background player mode, visualizer window and many others. The interface you get on the Equalizer+ music player will give you a refreshing and vintage feel.

However, you will have to make some in-app purchases in order to unlock lots of other premium features that include dual screen, fade, bass boost and many others.

Other Android music players worth mentioning

As noted earlier, there are lots of Android music players that you can choose from. While the above list might be representing the top 5 Android music players, the list is not exhaustive. There are other music players that are worth mentioning and in case you find none of the above to be good enough for you, feel free to check out apps like n7player, Neutron, Rocket Player, FlipBeats and Google Play Music.

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