Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions

One of the major benefits of using Google Chrome is that you have access to numerous useful extensions. These extensions can make your life on the web much more bearable, even fun. Below are the top 10 Google Chrome extensions you should definitely try out.

1. AdBlock

Everyone has to deal with annoying ads when visiting different sites these days. This is probably why AdBlock is one of the most popular Google Chrome extensions there is. This extension does its job superbly by keeping ads from popping all over the main web content, allowing you to have a peaceful browsing experience.

2. Last Pass

Do you have a problem remembering the passwords to all your different online accounts? Then you will love Last Pass. This extension remembers the passwords for you, and can even generate secure passwords for any new accounts you create.

3. Hover Zoom

Ever get tired of having to keep clicking on images just to increase their sizes? With Hover Zoom, you won’t have to anymore. This Google Chrome extension automatically expands an image to its largest possible size immediately you hover over.

4. Google Similar Pages

The name of this extension says a lot about what it can do. Sometimes you land on a page, and you would like to find more of the same. Going to Google search is one way to do it, but that will give you hundreds, possibly thousands of results. However, with Google Similar Pages extension, you will get four similar pages with thumbnail previews of what they have to offer.


ClipConverter is more than your average video downloader. What sets this extension apart from most download managers is that it is blazing fast, and very easy to use. What’s more? You can download nearly every video format there is, you can even download an MP3 version of a video on sites such as YouTube.

6. SpeakIt!

SpeakIt! is like a personal assistant that reads web content back to you. You just have to select the text you want to hear out loud and SpeakIt will read it to you. You can choose different voices and accents. This handy feature obviously allows you to multi task since you can do other stuff as you listen to content you would otherwise be reading yourself.

7. StayFocusd

Some of us have problems knowing when to move from one site to the next, especially for social media sites. Luckily, StayFocusd can nudge you along. This handy extension can help you allocate specific time to a particular site, and cut off access once you have used up the designated time allocated to the site.

8. BugMeNot

Ever wish to share your thoughts on a site’s comments section but are held back by a tedious account registration process? With BugMeNot, you can post comments to sites that require logins without having to register an account and login.

9. Chrome Remote Desktop

This great extension for Google Chrome is completely free, although it provides the great feature of allowing you to control your computer from anywhere. Google Chrome Extension runs inside Chrome web browser.

10. TLDR

Once in a while, we find ourselves having to read several websites. Reading every bit of that extensive content can be overwhelming. With TLDR, you do not have to read an entire web page, this extension creates a summary of about 350 words of the content on the page. This can be enough to know whether the content is worth reading in its entirety. You can even select sections of the web page you want summarized.


The above Google Chrome extensions are extremely handy, especially for people who spend extended periods of time browsing the web. The extensions solve common difficulties most face when using the web. For instance, you can spend less time reading web content, have an easier time dealing with passwords, reduce the temptation to spend your valuable time on social media pages, and so forth.

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