The Showdown Of Whatsapp vs Kik

It does not seem very long ago when BBM was a ”cool” way of messaging, and it was only available to the elite crowd using a Blackberry. With the advent of Whatsapp and Smartphone, things took a topsy-turvy turn and everybody had access to free messaging. Jumping on this bandwagon, Kik also became a very popular free messenger, especially with the young crowd. With limited memory card spaces, there is room for only one of these applications, so let’s see which one is more likely to make the cut.

Let’s Discuss The Difference Between The Two Apps

Whatsapp is a platform by means of which a user can send and receive messages, just like traditional text messages, but without paying for every text which is sent. It allows the user to send voice clips, videos, images, recording, etc. To make use of this application the user has to register at the site with their phone numbers, through which they will be recognized in the friend list of their acquaintances.

Kik on the other hand does not require phone numbers; rather it is based on usernames. This Canadian based app can be used to send texts, videos and images without the use of a phone number, which is the main difference between Kik and Whatsapp.

Kick has more flare along with bells and whistles, while Whatsapp is to-the-point and very simple, so to say. While Kik is very vibrant and is a hit with the younger crowd, Whatsapp is still an old favorite with the young and old alike. Here are few things which differentiate these two, very popular free messaging services.

  • While the Whatsapp agreement, allows 16+ users to access the application. Only 17+ users can make use of Kik.
  • Facebook does not require passwords or usernames, while usernames are a prerequisite for using Kik.
  • Because finding someone on Kik, requires the username of a person, one can easily ignore unwanted people on their friend list, which is not possible on Whatsapp which syncs the contacts on the basis of the phone numbers which are saved in the contact list.
  • The number of Whatsapp users is much more than the number of Kik users, which is why it is more likely that you will find more friends and acquaintance on Whatsapp rather than on Kik.
  • The setup of Whatsapp is somewhat easier as compared to Kik as it does not require the creation of a username or password as opposed to Kik, which is taking a little more time and thought to be set up.
  • Using Whatsapp is a lot simpler and faster because as mentioned earlier, it is very clear cut and does not have a lot of fluff.
  • The messaging in both apps is quite similar and therefore it becomes really difficult to distinguish between the two in this department. Messages are delivered, easily and on time, group chats are available on both platforms and sending media files is also not a problem with both, Kik and Whatsapp.
  • The one thing which Kik capitalize on is the use of stickers and emoticons which are available in plenty. The vibrant emoticons help in conversing in a much more fun manner. The Whatsapp emoticons are small and not too attractive, therefore they fail to bring that zing to the conversation.

The Verdict

Both these apps have their own advantages as well as disadvantages, so it depends on the users and their needs, as to which app would they be inclined towards. In case you have some extra space to spare in your phone memory, then you can try both and see which suits your needs better and take your pick. While Whatsapp is simple Kik has a  number of different integrations which makes things interesting and slightly complicated.

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