The Caligula Effect 2 Has a New Announcement Trailer

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The Caligula Effect 2, the JRPG title, has been around since last year in June. FURYU has collaborated with Historia Inc. to put the building blocks of a game that now keeps fans glued to their gaming chairs.

As for now, The Caligula Effect 2 players will get to enjoy a chance to escape Redo through an intense fight. The implementation will become available soon for the PlayStation 5 consoles.

You can escape from Redo starting this fall

During the upcoming fall, those who prefer playing The Califula Effect 2 on their PlayStation 5 consoles will also get the chance to escape from Redo. While a precise release date hasn’t yet been revealed, we can learn a lot more about the game thanks to a new announcement trailer:

If you want to learn even more about the game, feel free to check out its description via Steam:

Redo is a world without sorrow created by the virtuadoll Regret. Virtuadoll songs give Redo residents respite from their struggles. Our protagonists discover the truth and form the Go-Home Club to return to reality. Make your way home with companions bearing heavy burdens in this…

If you’re willing to buy The Caligula Effect 2, you can do so through the game’s official Steam page. All you need is an investment of 48.99 euros for the standard edition. However, if you’re aiming for the Complete Edition of the game, which includes 18 items, you’ll need to invest 67.02 euros. That is still a price discount of 20 percent.

If you don’t like the idea of running The Caligula Effect 2 on a PC/laptop or on a PlayStation 5, you must keep in mind that the title is also compatible with PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch consoles.

Hopefully, the game will also become available for Xbox consoles at some point; the game is new to the world, which means that we can indeed be optimistic.

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