Best Google Play Games – Upgrade Your Android Experience, and Download Some Amazing and Fun Games from Google Play

Even though the iOS App Store still contains a better choice of games, Google Play Store has enlarged its game selection, since its Android Market days.

Google Play has now become a mobile marketplace containing loads of applications and games make big part of those Google Play apps. Let’s take a look at some Google Play games we consider are worth trying out.

2-Bit Cowboy

2-Bit Cowboy is a one action platformer that is going to thrill those who were fans of Game Boy and are into western themed games. This game will allow you to earn rewards as well as find hidden loot, then to tackle challenges and to discover your enemies. You can play this game as a cowboy or a cowgirl who explores huge levels and gambles away money or drinks it down hanging in saloons and casinos. Aside from enjoying all these adventures, your most important mission in this game is to stop the Bitty Gang.

FIFA 15: Ultimate Team

Players of this game need to carefully choose soccer players in order to create their own dream team. In the Ultimate Team mode, the players start with a limited stable of players and as the game evolves, they need to collect points in order to trade and gather the world’s best stars in soccer into their own ultimate team. There are loads of great features in this game, such as real-world matchups, Team of the Week, and Quick Simulation mode, which helps you decide substitutions as well as team tactics.

Brothers in Arms 3

This fantastic Android action game was made by creators at Gameloft. The game has you directing and leading Sergeant Wright (your character) through a series of WWII settings. You’ll upgrade your character’s weapons and efficiency along the way. Strong atmosphere in this game is the results of the combination of lightning, textures and sound and there’s no doubt that it will pull anyone in the action.

Crossy Road

The game’s colorful and chunky voxel visuals make it really fun to play and you’ll simply become addictive to it and find yourself tapping and swiping your screen in order to jump in different directions. Your only goal while playing Crossy Road will be finding your way across numerous amounts of hazards. You’re not bound to buy any extra characters in order to play the game, but those who still wish to buy some additional characters are allowed to do so thanks to in app purchases.

Trivia Track

This is a hit for mobile phones combining great cartoon designs with a great deal of interesting trivia questions and a head to head system. You are allowed to play against your Facebook friends or just random opponents and to answer questions by rolling the wheel. The Trivia Track questions are based on History, Geography, Science, Entertainment, Art or Sports; so, a player needs to be the first one in achieving six distinct characters in order to win the game. Some power-ups that players can use to affect the game as well as the chance for “stealing” enemy characters bring tactic to Trivia Track.

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