Tango Free Download App – A Premium Social Messaging Application on Free Download

In the modern world, one may feel helpless, if a person is not allowed to use features like voice calling, video chatting, instant messaging and social networking.

With internet being used in countries around the world and smart phones and computers being readily available in different markets, communication has improved drastically in the last decade and a half. Communicating with people living on the other side of the world is no longer as difficult as earlier, neither is it as costly as before. However this has been made even easier with a wide variety of applications, some of which enables a user to make free voice calls and other lets the user send instant messages. To make things more convenient the users can find all these features in one application only. Tango is one such application which allows the user to make free voice calls, video calls, instant messaging all from just one application.


  1. One Stop for All Communication – Tango messenger combines many different applications from the internet and their features in it. This fact makes it stand out from the rest of the crowd of applications that are available in the market. Tango brings communication to everyone’s fingertips by allowing it’s users to send and receive messages instantly over the internet. By using this application, a person who has Tango installed on his phone can send messages to another fellow Tango user instantly.
  2. Amazing Features – Unlike many other applications on the internet that just provide instant messaging service, Tango also allows video calling. The users can use web cams or smartphone with front camera to video chat with one another. Its streaming depends on the internet connection; therefore, one does not have to pay additional charges other than what the customer is paying for internet usage.
  3. Socialize with New People – Tango allows its users to talk to people from all around the world and getting to know them better. This application allows people from different places to talk and video chat without providing personal details such as location and phone number unasked. Likeminded people can interact with each other on this platform and can get into discussions.
  4. Audio Messaging – Audio messaging or sending voice recorded messaging service is also available in this application. This feature is particularly useful for those people who do not like to type long or short text messages. This saves a lot of time and energy of the user. Moreover this feature comes free of cost. The customer does not have to pay anything extra to use this feature of Tango.
  5. Transfer of Files – A user can share files like music files, PDF files etc and pictures through Tango. It is convenient when one wants to share personal pictures or videos with family and friends living thousands of miles away. It is also useful when one has to send files urgently.


For the features mentioned above, Tango has become very successful among the tech savvy users. It is indeed an all in one social messaging application which makes communication much simpler.

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