‘Super Mess’: Check Out the New VR FPS

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Those who have Virtual Reality gear at home, along with the necessary hardware, must hear this: there’s a new family-friendly VR game in town, and it’s simply called ‘Super Mess.’ Yes, this game is indeed a mess, but it is one that might conquer your heart.

‘Super Mess’ is something like Angry Birds meeting Counter-Strike, as it’s an FPS where you get to shoot some goofy-looking creatures with big heads. JollyCo is the company responsible for launching the game for those who possess VR headsets at home, and XR Source tells us pretty much everything we need to know about the game.

‘Super Mess’ is suitable for all ages

Although we’re talking about a first-person shooter (FPS), ‘Super Mess’ is a game that’s suitable for all ages. Nobody can claim that this title isn’t appropriate for children, as there’s no blood involved in the entire gameplay. There are only weird-looking heads that pop up and are ready to be destroyed by the player’s gun.

Sweets and ice creams also play an important role in the ‘Super Mess’ game, as it’s your job as a player to get your hands on them and share some of them with others!

If, by some chance, you’re not satisfied with the weapon you have in ‘Super Mess,’ it’s important to keep in mind that there are some ways to upgrade it. Who doesn’t like to upgrade their weapons in VR games, right?

Feel free to jump on the bandwagon and have some fun with ‘Super Mess’ if you’re a VR gamer, and leave your opinions down in the comment section!

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