Fallout 4 Will Focus on Balancing Gameplay and Graphics Quality

Unlike other games, which don’t have a strong gameplay aspect and open world exploration, Fallout 4 is a huge title.

The executive producer of the game commented that he has played it for over 400 hours; yet he is unable to complete it and explore all the aspects.

Everyone knows that Bethesda has made one of the biggest games in history with Fallout 4. The company in a recent interview confirmed that even though they love to deliver the best graphics possible at high resolution and frame rates, it is practically impossible to achieve them because of complex game play mechanism. The team is expected to deliver a game that allows players to interact with it at every corner which is not possible if they are going to focus only on visual fidelity.

Balancing Graphics vs. Gameplay

Speaking during the latest interview that was held at the Electronic Entertainment Expo venue, Bethesda’s Head, Pete Hines, had a brief discussion about Fallout 4 as well as the other titles that have been scheduled for launch this year and the next.

While games like Doom 4 don’t have to compromise on the graphics quality, an open world title like the Fallout franchise is extremely different. “The team has been working throughout, day and night. Their main objective is to strike a strong balance between looks and playability. Our developers are highly capable and they can easily create the best looking game in the series. But, at the same time, in order to come up with complex environmental build, we had to backtrack our ideas and do something that is feasible from every perspective”, he said.

Adding New Things

As the executive producer already mentioned, he is unable to exhaust the game even after spending 400 hours on it. When everything seems to come to an end, a new activity, mission or a feature comes to the forefront surprising the player. It is something only a game like Fallout 4 could achieve. Most fans would readily agree to compromise a bit on the graphics department so that they are delivered an immersive title that offers them enough to explore even after months and years.

Another ardent gamer named Nukeclears has released a data sheet that compares the previous Fallout 3 with the newly launched Fallout 4. From the looks of it, Bethesda has improved the game by many folds and is going to offer a sequel that no one could refuse.

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