Accessories for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – Make Your Surface Even More Enjoyable with Some Amazing Accessories

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is an amazing tablet/laptop that will provide its users with a lot of fun, but also a lot of help in getting their work and tasks done.

This device is great just as a tablet, by only getting your favorite software and loading your favorite apps. However, if you want to turn your Microsoft tablet into a fully fledged laptop or desktop computer, you should definitely get a few extra accessories to add to the functionality and enjoyment. Here’s the list of some great Microsoft Surface Pro 3 accessories.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Docking Station

If you want to turn your tablet into a full desktop PC, this is a must have accessory for your Surface Pro 3. The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Docking Station has a Mini DisplayPort, Ethernet port, as well as the five USB ports (two USB 2.0 and three USB 3.0). This means an easy connection to HD monitor, audio system, printer, mouse, keyboard, and more. This docking station also quickly charges your Surface Pro 3 thanks to the 48-watt power supply.

Outback Solo for Surface Pro 3

This rugged but attractive bag gives your Surface Pro 3 an excellent protection, and it is pretty functional, too. This bag is made from high-quality materials and you can choose whether you want a shoulder strap with it, or not. The Outback Solo has accessory pockets on the front to hold a mouse or some other accessories, while the pocket on the back is big enough to hold another tablet or a notepad. It also has to side-pockets, the bigger one on the right and the smaller one on the left.

Sensu Capacitive Brush/Stylus

If you like to draw or paint on the amazing touchscreen of your Surface Pro 3, the Sensu Brush plus Stylus is the right accessory for your tablet. It will provide your drawings or paintings with more accuracy and details. The stylus is made with new hair technology that was being evolved for the cosmetic industry. The brush closes with the protective cap, which is the handle for the brush while using it.

Surface Pro Type Cover

Surface Pro Type Cover is great because it fits perfectly to the size of the Surface Pro 3, which then protects the screen of your device. There are magnets in both the keyboard and the tablet, so the Surface Pro Type Cover snaps nicely into place. The Surface Pro Type Cover package comes with the pen loop, so if you want to give your Surface Pro 3 the best keyboard, this is another reason why Type Cover is recommended for it. This accessory also comes with a usable merged trackpad and black, red, cyan, and purple are the colors this keyboard comes in.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a great 2-in-1 device that deserves to be upgraded and complete with some amazing accessories. There are many of these products available on the market, so make sure to choose the ones you need and like for your own Surface Pro 3.

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