Spotify Latest Version for Windows Phone – The Basics

Spotify has rolled out the latest version of this music streaming app for the Windows Phone users and even though the previous version was not that bad either, this new version of Spotify for Windows Phone comes with quite a number of improvements from the previous version.

Unlike a host of Windows Phone applications that are trailing the Android OS as far as rolling out updates is concerned, the latest version of Spotify for Windows Phone comes in so as to keep in step with the versions rolled out for the Android and iOS devices.

Just like with many software updates, the latest version of Spotify comes with a number of new features that include a newly redesigned UI and a new Your Music feature. Updating to this new version will also ensure that you enjoy a rich music catalog in addition to very high quality sound. However, if you want to get the most out of this application, you can go Pro, but you must pay for this version.

Getting started with Spotify for Windows Phone

First you must get the Spotify free download from the official Windows Phone store. This is a free mobile version and unlike the web version, you won’t be able to play music files on demand unless you subscribe for the $9.99 a month plan. Using a Spotify premium version, you can easily specify the exact songs and albums you want played as well as get rid of skip limits and ads.

The Spotify for Windows Phone app has a reasonable size of about 13MB and signing in is very easy as you can use your Facebook account or go through the usual form filling process that involves the use of an email address.

User Interface

One of the major changes in the latest version of Spotify for Windows Phone is the introduction of a new user interface that sports a great look. You can now swipe between smaller tiles unlike with the previous version, where the users had to browse through tiles. There are also choices like Top Lists, New Releases as well as Discover. You will also come across a Genres and Moods section located just below the tiles.

If you have used iTunes before, you can find some resemblance in the new Your Music screen with that of iTunes. You can access options for Playlists, Albums, Songs as well as Artists. However, only Spotify Premium users can enjoy seeing the tracks they recently played just below the Your Music screen. There is a + button that makes life easier when it comes to adding songs to Your Music, which was not available in the previous case.

In the free version of Spotify for Windows Phone, you will come across numerous ads which can be very annoying. This can be eliminated by going for the monthly subscription of $9.99.

Finding music files

To find music, you can use the Browse option where you can get top playlists, new releases as well as a rich collection of genre and mood options. Using the Mood option, you can choose music that fits your current activity; be it running, snoozing or driving, among others.

Music catalog

Spotify’s secret is in the huge music catalog it has in its collections. Whether you are looking for tunes by high profile names in the industry like Coldplay, Michael Jackson or obscurities like Boyz Nite Out; you can find a huge collection of music when you download and install the latest version of Spotify for Windows Phone.

The quality of music you get on this application is also amazing. You will be sure of not experiencing those common squeaky compressions of MP3 files, especially when dealing with large symphonic works. However, you can better things by moving from Normal listening to High or Extreme quality, which are both fantastic for streaming and downloading.

Other features of Spotify for Windows Phone

Spotify for Windows Phone seems to be a very rich music streaming app. Other than listening to music, you can also listen to internet radio using the Spotify app. Furthermore, this application allows the users to share playlists with friends on Facebook and Twitter as well as follow other users of the app within the platform. You can also get detailed biographical information about an artist on each page; however, you won’t find features like equalizers and cross-fade options.

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