Skype vs Wechat vs LINE – Which Serves the Best Free Video Calls?

Most times, actions speak louder than words. There are times when a voice call or chatting cannot convey the emotion or real meaning of your words.

For times such as these, video calls are most ideal. Mobile technology is moving to a new high each day. Today, it is possible to make video calls without incurring exorbitant costs. Under ordinary circumstances, making video calls can be expensive and hence out of reach for most people. However, with free to use applications such as Skype, WeChat or LINE, video calling is easy and free – all one needs is a strong 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection to make the calls.

Which one is the better of the three?


It is no surprise that Skype is ranked among the best video calling apps available today. With more than 250million users, this app makes it possible for Skype users to make video calls to other Skype users easily. It uses VoIP to connect the calls. All one needs is a reliable internet connection to make calls seamlessly. The quality of the video is quite commendable and the sound quality is great. Today, it is possible to make Skype to Skype video calls to anyone using Skype on Android, iOS, Mac or even PC regardless of location or distance.


This is a free messaging and calling app with more than 100 million users worldwide. It is a cross platform application that can be used for video calls with the use of 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connectivity. This makes it easy for users to interact with their contacts face to face on Android, iOS and Mac devices. Installing this application is easy. Your mobile number acts as your login information. Once installed, you can sync your phone contacts with the app’s contacts to find friends who use the app.

Making video calls using WeChat is also easy. The video quality is above average and so is the voice quality.  Users will need Wi-Fi connectivity or 4G network to be able to use WeChat without glitches.

WeChat also offers the web version of WeChat, which makes it possible for WeChat users on Android phones to be able to make video calls to WeChat users on the PC. It is possible to make group video calls and have live discussions online. Each group can have a maximum of 40 users.


This application is by far one of the best for free video calls. When making video calls using LINE, the videos are shown in full screen and there is a sub-screen with the user’s video. This sub-screen can be dragged and positioned anywhere on the screen. LINE offers options that allow you to determine whether you should answer a LINE call with a video call or voice. This means that it is possible to switch from voice call to video call or from video call to voice call depending on your needs.

The voice quality is above average and so is the video quality. However, it is only possible to place a LINE call through a 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi connection. Since it is a cross platform application, it allows users to make calls to PC LINE users.


Based on the abilities and quality of service, Skype is definitely the best video calling app in this category with LINE coming in a close second.

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