Nvidia Shield Tablet: A Hardcore Gaming Tablet For Everyone

Few tablets pack the hardware necessary for graphically advanced mobile gaming. In simple terms, most tablets feature lackluster processors that can’t keep up with advanced games. Mobile games continue to come closer and closer to console or PC titles in visuals and depth. Certain tablets like the Apple iPad are capable of playing even the heaviest games designed for mobile platforms. However, the iPad isn’t the best option for gaming on a tablet. That title belongs to Nvidia’s Shield Tablet, which was released in July of 2014.

What is the Shield Tablet?

Nvidia’s gaming tablet is built with hardcore gamers in mind. The device is designed to be paired with a special controller for competitive gaming. In fact, four of these controllers can pair to one Shield Tablet simultaneously. No other tablet offers multiplayer gaming on the same device. Each Shield Tablet can connect to a television through HDMI for a big screen gaming experience. Plus, a number of other gaming features are built into the tablet and aren’t found in other devices currently on the market. Nvidia has created a one-of-a-kind tablet here.

The Nvidia Shield Tablet’s Hardware

An 8-inch, 1920X1200 resolution screen is powered by a Nvidia Tegra K1 processor. The Tegra K1 is the most advanced processor for graphics and gaming performance right now. On top of that, 2GB of RAM and 16GB or 32GB of internal storage are available. Expandable storage is available as well as various ports. This includes a headphone jack, Mini HDMI port, Micro-USB port, and microSD slot. Also, 5MP cameras are available on the front and rear of the device. A 5,197 mAh battery powers the Shield Tablet for three hours of gaming.

A Controller: The Difference Maker

A separate controller is sold by Nvidia that’s designed for the Shield Tablet. This controller offers a console like experience for playing a variety of games. After a controller is paired, the tablet will remember that controller for future use. Four total controllers can be connected to the tablet, which is unheard of in tablets from other companies. Most users will find the controller responsive, and no lag will present itself during gameplay. Therefore, players are in complete control of their actions for a given game no matter what.

Gaming Like Never Before On Tablets

With the Nvidia Shield Tablet, players are able to game in a brand new way. Most tablets offer a middling gaming experience with poor performance or lackluster graphics. Nvidia’s latest tablet solves this problem with a powerful processor, great controller, and a large library of mobile and non-mobile games. For that reason, the Shield Tablet can accomplish things that other tablet owners can only dream of doing with their own devices. Connecting the tablet to a television brings gaming to an even larger screen, too.

Grab A Nvidia Shield Tablet Today!

Two versions of the Nvidia Shield Tablet are currently available for purchase. This includes a WiFi-only 16GB version and a 4G LTE 32GB option. For all games, the tablet will play titles smoothly without stuttering or lagging. Frame rates will remain strong, and users will get the full experience of each game. Some players won’t be able to notice the difference between the Shield Tablet and a video game console. In that vein, it shouldn’t be surprising that fans are already eagerly awaiting the next Shield Tablet.

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