DU Speed Booster vs Clean Master – Best Free Android Optimizer and Mobile Cleaner


Regardless if you bought your smartphone a year ago or a month ago, chances are that you can benefit greatly from a cleaning app. Every time you install an app, it automatically creates a folder that stores a variety of information such as activity logs, images and preferences, but it doesn’t just stop there, it also stores cached data.

For example, each time you watch a video through the Instagram app, the data is cached on your device, which allows you to reload the video quickly if you intend to watch it again. Over time, you can see how this can take up a significant amount of space on your device. When it comes to the best free Android optimizer and mobile cleaner on the market right now, you have two options, DU Speed Booster vs Clean Master.

DU Speed Booster

With a rating of 4.5 and over 3 million downloads, many Android users have praised DU Speed Booster as being an essential must have app within their device. This app not only cleans cached files from your system which essentially increase your available storage space, it consists of a free built in antivirus feature as well. It can all close apps, that you may have unintendedly running in the background, which makes your Android based phone operate faster, a protection master and a speed/ram booster as well.

Some of the other things that it can do are:

* Smart Cleaner setting- allows you to pre-set automatic cleanup of caches data.

* Periodic scans for viruses such as Trojan.

* Close background tasks.

* Quick boost, which gives you the opportunity to boost your phone with one click.

* Clean leftover files that have stayed on your phone even when an App is uninstalled.

* Move apps from your phone’s internal storage to your microSD card.

Clean Master

With an incredible user base of over 400 million, Clean Master is regarded by many as being the number one cleaning app on the market. Although it is similar to DU Speed Booster in the sense that it can: delete cached files, free up your ram which equates to a faster device and comes with an antivirus cleaner.

It also has some features that you won’t find in DU Speed Booster such as:

* Device cooler- a feature that allows you to stop apps that may be causing your phone to overheat.

* CPU Boost which allows you to see which how much CPU power that each app is consuming and can stop the ones that may be wasting your batter or slow down your device.

* App Manager- a feature that allows you to uninstall and backup apps.

* Delete call logs that have been cached (junk data).

Besides the fact that each phone has a few differences pertaining to the extra features that come with them, they both do an excellent job of ensuring that your Android phone is in optimum shape. When it comes to determining which one is the best free Android optimizer and mobile cleaner, what you should consider is that if you have a phone that continuously overheats, then Master Cleaner can benefit you greatly, alternatively, if you’re not into the whole RAM, cache data, central processing unit terms, then in terms of ease of use, DU Speed Booster’s one touch cleaning feature can be an ideal fit, if you just want to clean your phone, without going into the details of determining CPU power consuming apps.

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