Google Play Store – How to Free Download and Use it on a Windows PC

We all know that the Google Play Store is the mobile app store for all Android devices.

Even though this Android Market is meant for the Android mobile OS, it can also be downloaded and installed on a Windows PC.

What this means is that you can easily bring the Android environment onto your PC and thus make use of some of the best Android applications from the computing environment. However, in order to get this up and running, you must have at least some understanding of computers and their functionality. Nevertheless, if you follow the steps that are stipulated in this article, you will still get to use some of your favorite mobile apps on your Windows laptop via the Google Play Store regardless of whether you are a savvy or a novice PC user.

Downloading and installing Google Play Store on Windows PC

The Google Play Store has over 1.4 million applications. All these are available for users of Android devices to download and install on these mobile devices. However, you can also bring these amazing apps onto your PC environment and still make use of them, for instance, Facebook Messenger.

However, in order to do this; you must first of all download and install a special software application that will aid in the process of bringing the Android environment to your computing environment. The good thing is that this application is totally free of charge and as such, you won’t have to break a bank in order to use Google Play Store on your PC.

BlueStacks Android Emulator

Using your PC web browser, search for the latest version of BlueStacks Android emulator, download it onto your PC and install it. The BlueStacks Android emulator is a very simple application, whose task is, as the name suggests, emulating the Android environment onto your PC. Once this environment is “present” on a PC, the Google Play Store app will install, thinking that it’s installing on an Android device.

Once you have installed the emulator, you can download the Google Play Store app and install it inside this BlueStacks environment. You can now start checking through every single feature of the Play Store just like you do on your Android phone or tablet. Remember that before you download the Google Play Store and install it on your Windows PC, you must first of all create a Google account which you will use to login to the Store in order to download the app.

However, once this is done; you can download and install any mobile app that you wish to have on your PC and use it as usual. You must always remember to run the BlueStacks Android emulator first, before trying to access the Google Play Store on your PC since it runs in this application’s virtual environment.

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