Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Aims to be Thinner than Apple iPad Air 2

Competing against the likes of Apple to deliver something substantial and thinner is really tough but Samsung seems to be up for the task.

The company aims to launch new tablets in their Galaxy Tab series and one of them will be much thinner than iPad Air 2.

Apple has been in the competition for long. However, seldom have companies tried to surpass it. It took Android a really long time to catch up with the design and performance offered by iOS operating system. But, now you could easily say that some of the features found in the Google OS is missing in its competitor which is surprising but true.

But, in terms of hardware Apple continues to lead the race with their stylish and sleek products that easily woo the audience. It might just change if Samsung manages to come up with something more impressive.

Upcoming Galaxy Tab S Products

New rumors are up consistently with regards to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab line-up. They are expected to sport brightly lit, AMOLED screens which should definitely add to the viewing experience. Latest updates confirm that there will be two different products coming up from the company, one with an 8-inch screen while the other will use a 9.7-inch screen similar to the iPad models.

However, introducing these screen sizes always has a caveat. They are not designed for the most popular 16:9 aspect ratio based on which most apps, games and movies are being made. Instead, Samsung has had to compromise a bit and introduce the 4:3 model again which Apple already adopted for their tablets. They do have the advantage of posing strict guidelines for their developer community to ensure all apps are properly optimized for the said resolution. Google has done the same thing for their Nexus 9 tablet as well.

Making it Thinner

Above all this news, it has also been confirmed that Samsung Galaxy S2 in two different screen sizes will be really thin, so thin that it is finally going to beat the iPad Air 2 from Apple. That is a really tough claim to make because they are always known for making the thinnest products in the world but Samsung is going to compete against them this time and if things go as planned, they might probably make heads turn. These products will also sport metal frames to render a premium touch.

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