Samsung Galaxy Note Pro vs. Apple iPad Air 2 – Which is the Best Business Tablet?

In just a few years, Apple has transformed the office and learning environment thanks to the elegant iPads that have become a mainstay in these institutions.

This has led to many going for the iOS as their operating system of choice when it comes to business matters.

Better still; the iOS is a very simple and easy to use operating system that also features a user-friendly interface; something that has largely contributed to its huge popularity in the recent past.

Despite the dominance enjoyed by Apple in this niche, Samsung had other ideas when they went ahead with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 as this device has proven to be a huge threat in the developments of Apple. When it comes to the tablet market, there is no stiff competitor that Apple faces apart from Samsung.

Apple is a more established brand than Samsung

What gives Apple a competitive edge over Samsung is the fact that the former is more established in this niche when compared to the latter. However, Samsung’s bid for supremacy cannot be ignored as it also features some amazing products that will give Apple a run for its money. Despite the quality of products that Samsung produces, this company lags behind when it comes to the software they use in their tablets.

In order to determine which of the two products, Apple’s iPad Air 2 and Samsung’s Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, is better suited for your business needs, here is a look at the design, specs and features of the two tablets from two leading manufacturers of premium handheld devices from a business perspective.

Design, build and quality

The difference between the designs of the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 and iPad Air 2 is quite amazing. It is easy to notice the differences in the dimensions of the two with a first glance where the Samsung device appears like a monster when placed against the Air 2.

Samsung is known for its huge devices and it has not fallen short of this culture with the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro. This tablet measures 296 mm by 204 mm by 7.95 mm. When compared to the size of the Air 2, the tablet from Apple is a bit smaller in size measuring 240 mm by 170 mm by 7.5 mm. The difference in size is the obvious reason these two gadgets have two distinct weights where the device from Samsung is bulkier with its massive 750 grams as opposed to the lightweight iPad Air 2 which weighs about 468 grams.

It is very hard to pick between the two when it comes to the quality of build. While the iPad Air 2 comes with an aluminum back case that gives it a more robust and premium feel, the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 comes with faux leather back with metallic edges that make it more scratch and dirt resistant than its counterpart.

iPad Air 2 is more convenient for travelling than the Galaxy Note Pro

The differences in size and weight make the Apple device a better one when it comes to travelling convenience. As a business person, travelling is always one of the agendas and with such a portable device it will be easier to carry your office with you on your tablet.

The device from Apple shows more of its office suitability with placement of the home button. While on the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro the home button has been placed on the longer side, towards the bottom. Apple had other ideas with the iPad Air 2, as this tablet has its home button on the short side and towards the bottom.

This is a better suited location for users who may be reading a file in portrait mode as it looks easier to access this button on the go from its location at the bottom of the shorter side than it would be with its position on the Galaxy Note Pro. With such fine features, the Apple device is an indicator that the company’s innovation is nowhere near the end.

The placement of the button on the Galaxy Note Pro means that using this device in landscape mode will be the best option. However, the desirable aspects of this mode is rendered useless by the fact that this device lacks the kickstand or attachable keyboard features that would have otherwise rendered it very easy to convert it to a laptop, just like with other tablets with a similar button configuration in the current business world.


The Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 is much easier to charge when compared to the Air 2 as the former can be charged using any regular USB cable, as opposed to the proprietary cable that is made by Apple which is used for charging the Air 2. This is an ongoing annoyance as many feel that it is more expensive as well as time consuming when caught off-guard and need to borrow or replace a charger.

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