Roku 4 Set for Release this Fall, 4K Video Support Included

Media streaming devices have been gaining in popularity in the recent past and honestly, it seems the next few years will leave regular television with no place in the society.

These devices are set to become the most dominant form of distributing media in today’s market.

This is already happening as more and more people keep ditching their cable connection to jump to the media streaming bandwagon. The number of people who are using traditional TV subscriptions is drastically reducing and that dependent on services like Netflix, Apple TV and Roku is on a constant rise. At the moment, there is plenty of hardware that is required for fully supporting the transformation from cable TV to media streaming services.

One such line of devices is Roku and for sure, this company has been successful with their media streaming devices. The popularity the company enjoys is not just here in the U.S., but also in other parts of Europe and Asia as well. With each of their releases there was something new to showcase. This device has also been designed to be very simple and easy to use for all users, while at the same time still offering users with the best features available.

Roku is a complete entertainment device

Using a Roku media streaming device, you can stream from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus and a range of other sites. Furthermore, configuring the channel selection on this device is very easy. You can never get bored when you have a Roku device in your home since it also offers games that you can enjoy during your free times.

There is news that Roku 4 is coming out soon and is to take the place of the old Roku 3. According to the latest word on the street, this media streaming device will be up on the shelves this coming fall. There are no specific details of the device that are known.However, one thing that is dominating the web is the idea of an additional support for 4K videos. While this might be a rumor at the moment, it might develop into something concrete considering the fact that the company jumped onto the 4K bandwagon back in January with the unveiling of a Roku 4K TV at the CES in Las Vegas.

More features to be included in Roku 4

It would be insane for Roku to roll out a new version of this device with an upgrade to resolution of the device the only update. As a result, there are additional features that might also ship with the upcoming Roku 4 and a leading contender is an increased RAM from the current 512MB as well as better internal storage.

There are also chances that Roku 4 might come with UHD resolution instead of 4K resolution, which will still be a USP for the device considering the fact that very few devices have this capability in the current market. With such a huge resolution on the Roku 4, it means that users will now require a much better and stronger bandwidth in order to enjoy excellent video streaming.

This should not be any problem today since there are lots of high-speed internet service providers out there and these services are coming to homes as each day passes. The Roku 4 should easily be usable by many current users and new users once it is made official. Even if you have a relatively poor bandwidth, you will benefit from the many other features that the Roku 4 will ship with.

Even though we have no idea of what the many new features will look like, Roku will definitely come up with something very attractive.

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