Roku 4 Release Date, Top Features and Details

There have been rumors about Roku 4 for quite a while and new rumors suggest that the upcoming Roku 4 will finally be released in early of 2015. These rumors come after many saw the Roku LT being sold for less than 50 dollars. At the same time, Roku 3 can be bought from Amazon at a price of around 94 dollars, while on the official website is sold for 99.99 dollars. Also, Roku 2 is being sold for only around 65 dollars, while Roku 1 costs 55 dollars on Amazon.

It is good to know that in March 2015 there will be exactly 2 years since Roku 3 was released, which will be a pretty good time for a Roku 4 release.

Roku 4 specifications

Many believed that Roku 4 will be announced at CES 2015, but that didn’t happen. However, there are many rumors saying that this device will be soon released and we should expect a release sometime in March 2015. Other rumors say that Roku 4 may get a slight release delay and it will be released sometime in May 2015.

After Roku 4 will be released, the Roku 3 will most likely be priced like Roku 2, while Roku 2 will be priced as the Roku 1 and Roku 1 will be discontinued.

Here are some of the specs that are expected to come on the Roku 4:

– The upcoming device will actually be called Roku 4K
– As Roku already announced during CES 2015, upcoming devices from there will support 4K UltraHD streaming
– Updated main menu and UI
– More RAM and a faster processor
– Updated smartphone application.

Roku 4/4K to be released soon

After all these signs, we can clearly say that the upcoming Roku 4 or Roku 4K will be released soon enough. It’s just a matter of time until it will be official announced, where we will most likely get some information about the specifications it will have and when it will hit the stores.

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