Roku 4 And Apple TV – New Streaming Gear Ready To Make Its Way In 2015

The old way people used to watch TV Is almost a thing of the past, as regular cable subscription are losing more terrain  everyday. Here to take their place are the new media streamers that are getting increasingly popular in an escalating manner. Unlike previous generations, are people of today seem to be far more open-minded when it comes to new technology and learning how to use new gear, so the popularity of the media streamers is understandable, as they are easy to adapt to.

For the moment, there aren’t a lot of high end players in the media streaming business, so the few that exist, definitely have the advantage. Two of the best brands you can get your hands on are the Apple TV and Roku. Both have made it clear that they will be releasing new models this year, and the release date is similar, as both will come out sometime during the summer of 2015.

Apple fans can expect their complains to take the form of improvement, as Apple will definitely bring out some new cool features for its Apple TV. Considering the amount of criticism they took in the past, you can expect some of the features to be a direct response to what the fans want. Also, it believed that the new model will feature iTunes integration and an SDK kit.

There is certainly room for improvement, as the current device only has 512 MB of RAM to go with its A5 single core processing unit. The internal storage capacity is 8 GB  and it can be picked up for about $69. The current model only comes in black, but the new one might have some diversity in this department.

The current Roku comes with 256 MB of storage and 512 MB of RAM, meaning that it can also fit in some better specs in there. Also, it comes with the BC,11130, with 900 MHz.

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