Minecraft PS3 and PS4 Versions Get Female Miner Alex and the Simpsons DLC

Steve is the star of the game on Minecraft PS3 and PS4 editions but players have been playing as the male miner too long.

Alex is here to save them all and give a whiff of fresh air with a gender change.

The girl miner is out on Playstation 4 and Playstation 3 versions of the game which should make it fun for you to explore the world as a new character. The skin is now available to download for free through the Playstation store. She is dressed up in a bright orange colored outfit and has blonde hair which is quite contrasting compared to the green suit of Steve with whom players are associated for a long time.

Wide Range of Skins to Choose From

In their official blog, Mojang said that when players started playing the game the concept of skins was out of boundaries. Players hardly knew what skins meant and even for those who wanted some variety, there weren’t many available to choose from. The original players who joined the pixelated world of mining had to be Steve, no matter what. The developers tried to add some variety by introducing the same guy in different outfits and it provided a bit of change from the usual.

Even though, the team is really fond of Steve as much as the players are, they said that the player base has grown millions in recent years. In order to better represent the entire community, they have decided to go with a different person which is Alex.

“Alex is thinner, has smaller arms but she is fully capable of doing all the tasks that Steve has been doing for a long time now,” said the blog post from Mojang. There are eight different versions of Alex and eight different Steve skins to choose from. All the extra DLCs which have already been purchased will be available as well.

The Simpsons arehere

The favorite Simpsons from the popular television series is now available as skins on Minecraft PS3 and Minecraft PS4 editions. You can choose to play as Homer, Bart, Lisa and anyone else. The update rolled out on Xbox platforms some time ago. Even though, it is a bit late, it still is a worthy addition. The Playstation blog confirmed that the new DLC pack which is available for a price of $2.99 in the store will add 24 new character skins to the game.

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