‘Quantum Error’: Behold the Release Date for the FPS – Watch Trailer

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‘Quantum Error’ is the designation of an appealing new cosmic horror game that’s set to launch in a few months for those willing to play it on the PlayStation 5 console. The guys from Teamkill Media have developed a cosmic horror first-person shooter that will surely delight many of those who are into such games.

The graphics of ‘Quantum Error’ look ineffable, although we all have to admit that the gameplay itself contains plenty of nefarious moments. It’s clearly not a game for those who are too sensible to blood and gore. In ‘Quantum Error,’ the player constantly needs to find his way through each level while blowing monsters to bits using powerful weapons.

‘Quantum Error’ launches on November 3

On November 3, the upcoming ‘Quantum Error’ first-person shooter will launch exclusively for PlayStation 5 consoles. However, the devs will most probably adapt the game for Xbox consoles and PCs as well at a later date. Surely there will be a lot of demand from gamers who prefer to dive into their immersive virtual worlds while using other platforms than PS5.

The Release Date Story Trailer is now available, and it can surely make us learn a lot about the upcoming game’s entrails:

Along with the game’s arrival for PlayStation 5 consoles, we can expect it to harness some of the console’s most impressive features. ‘Quantum Error’ will take advantage of the Haptic Feedback function, which allows gamers to experience accurate sensations on their hands depending on what their characters do in a specific game. The power of the Adaptive Triggers can also be seen while you play ‘Quantum Error’ on the PS5, which will allow gamers to feel the tension of the weapons that their character carries.

Are you willing to mark your calendars for November 3? Feel free to leave us your thoughts in the comments!

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