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Because of its popularity, ease of use, and compatibility with both Android and iOS smartphones; you might have used Google Maps to find the best directions for accessing your office or an interview location. You might also have used it to find civilization whilst lost or to explore regions of the world that you dream of visiting in the future.

However, did you know that Google Maps has an advanced Street View feature that offers users real life 3D pictures of their destinations on demand? Instead of relying on road signs or hard to follow voice directions of contemporary navigation machines, you can now have a three dimensional glimpse of your destination while traveling, which lowers your chances of getting lost. Follow these steps for best results:

Step One: Install Google Maps

Street View is an advanced feature bundled into Google Maps. To use it, therefore, the first thing you should do is to install Google Maps in your phone or tablet. Most contemporary phones and tablets come with this application installed. If yours lacks it, open Google Play, search for Google Maps, and download and install the most current version that is compatible with your phone or smartphone. You can also download a redistributable Google Maps APK online and then install it manually in your smartphone.

Step Two: Find Your Location

Once you have installed and or updated Google Maps to the latest version find your destination or the location you want to preview on Google Maps. Find and load the Maps app. On its home page, find the search bar on the top of your phone’s screen, type your destination, and search. Google Maps will propose several related results. Click the correct one or the one closest to your destination to generate a detailed two-dimensional (2D) map. Finally, using your thumb and index finger, swipe your phone’s screen outwards to better focus the generated 2D map and zoom into your preferred destination.

Step Three: Open Street View

With the foregoing preparatory steps done, the final step is to open Google Maps Street View. This is not as complicated as it sounds. If your destination is visible, pin it on the generated 2D map. Tap it and hold your finger for some time until a question mark like reddish pin drops. At the bottom of your Google Map’s screen, a white bar will appear with details of your destination and the option of getting routes to it from a chosen location. Click or swipe the white bar upwards to access Street View. If Google has photos of the area, tap on Street View to get a 3D image of what to expect.

Loading and using Google Maps Street View is not as hard as many people think. However, for best results, there are several tips you should keep in mind to improve your overall experience. First, remember that Google Maps and its Street View for that matter need an active internet connection to work. Connect you phone to a Wi-Fi router or load internet bundles before you attempt to use it. Second, thanks to Google’s fleet of cars with 360-degree cameras, Street View is available in many countries all over the world.

Unfortunately, it is unavailable in some. Check if your country or destination you are searching is supported beforehand, to avoid unnecessary heartbreaks. Finally, Google updates its maps often. To get the best and most recent Street View photo, make sure you have the latest Google Maps app installed.

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