Nintendo Wii U Exclusive Splatoon Review – Multiplayer Fun at its Best

Nintendo has come a long way and even though the company is great in making Mario like platforms, multiplayer shooter games aren’t their forte at least until Splatoon got released.

It is one of the successful IPs without a doubt because it is not only a great arcade-like game that Nintendo Wii U platform is familiar with but also has made sure the shooter element with class improvements and team play is there. In Splatoon, your objective is to fight against hoards of enemies but the biggest advantage you gain is that you can shoot colors, become a squid and move through those paints to reach other areas.


The gameplay aspect in Splatoons, which is a Nintendo Wii U exclusive is simply fun and addictive. For players who have had a chance to play games like Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare and Team Fortress 2, this should be a really familiar outing. The game may not appease hardcore shooter fans but it was never designed to be that way. Instead, it is a playful version of the online co-op shooters and every action of yours is determined by your enemies as well as friends.

The main gameplay factor in Splatoon is using your ink guns and every color you spray will help you kill enemies, destroy buildings and so on. Just make sure to turn off the motion controls and you will be enjoying the game in no time. It doesn’t end there because if you have to scale impossible heights, simply turn into a squid and swim through the ink which adds a new level of insanity to the title.

Single-player vs Multiplayer

The single player campaign on the Nintendo Wii U exclusive Splatoon is really small but it offers satisfying missions and the boss battles are equally challenging. The fun is real only when you join multiplayer servers along with your friends. There is also an option to upgrade your gear, guns so as to be able to spray ink in more creative ways.

They come in handy especially when facing tough bosses. Every enemy is different and you have to understand their pattern before you can bring them down. It makes it interesting to learn such things, which brings the strategy into a third person shooter title. If you own a Wii U, you should definitely buy Splatoon as it is worth the investment and fun playing a multiplayer shooter.

Rating – 4.5/5

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