Adobe Flash Player vs. Shockwave Player – Best Player You Should Download

Do you need to make the switch from Shockwave to Flash player to stream all those media files online? If you are thinking of making the switch, here is a comparison which will help you in deciding whether you must change over or let your old media player be. If you are wondering whether there is any difference between the two, then let’s save you the pain and break the news that there is not much of a difference between these two media players.

  1. The software application which is the backbone of Shockwave is Director which happens to be an old and trusted platform. The fact that it has been there for a very long time, gives shockwave some brownie points.
  2. Watching high quality video and HD videos have become a part and parcel of our lives. Shockwave improvises itself every now and then to match up with the user’s demands. Flash Player on the other hand is relatively new and has all the required features to stream HD videos, and is more inclined towards the web.
  3. Shockwave is slightly more versatile than Adobe Flash Player, which makes it a better alternative out of the two. The level of interactivity in Shockwave is little higher as compared to its successor. Moreover, the former is more pronounced than the latter.
  4. The biggest advantage Flash Player has over Shockwave is that, it is better when it comes to loading the video, so the user can stream the video faster and better. Another advantage is that the Flash player is comparatively less expensive than Shockwave as the Backbone app of Shockwave i.e. Director runs at a much higher cost.
  5. For some reason, the Flash Player is much more popular with the users as compared to Shockwave. Statistics say that almost 80% of the users have Flash Player installed irrespective of the fact whether they are using it or not. In the world of technology, popularity plays a very big role and Flash Players win in this department hands down.
  6. You can import a Flash file into the Shockwave player, but unfortunately cannot perform vice-versa. This is a big disadvantage and compels people to use Flash Player, which can sometimes prove to be quite annoying.
  7. The user interface of Flash Player is much better and easy to handle as compared to Shockwave which is why most novices use Flash Player out of the two alternatives. The modification of the videos is much easier in the Flash Player, which is an open format while Shockwave is a compiled file Format.

The Verdict

As mentioned earlier both the players are equally good. Since they are siblings, coming from the same family, they have a number of similarities and few differences. It is based on these differences as to whether it is a good idea to switch from Shockwave to Flash Player. After reading the aforementioned qualities of each of the players, it depends on the discretion of the user as to whether which of them would they prefer.  While web capability of Shock player is quite extensive, Flash Player is a tad more versatile. So yes, both of these media players have their own advantages and disadvantages, therefore the user is the one to decide which of them they will go to. Since both the formats can be easily installed from the internet for free, it could be a smart thing to download both simultaneously and figure it out for yourself. In our opinion, both are quite similar, and having any of these players while sufficed. Your media browsing will improve, if you make the right choice in accordance to your preference.

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