Google Says Goodbye to Its Old Now Launcher

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The Google Now Launcher, which was released back in 2013 along with the Nexus 5 smartphone, was one piece of software that helped many users stay in touch with what’s essential. The software focused on prediction and offered users proper information in the form of something really cool dubbed Now cards, just as the Assistant got us used to.

However, years after the Now Launcher was introduced, the Pixel Launcher took its place on new smartphones in 2016, and now Google is prepared to say bye-bye to it permanently. Will this change be significant? Thanks to 9to5Google, which analyzed the most recent beta of the Google app, we know now that the Now Launcher will be discontinued at the end of April.

Credit: 9to5Google

That means that everyone who is still utilizing the Now Launcher feature has actually a few weeks to get a new launcher. If the user doesn’t do such a thing, the device will automatically get to its default launcher, according to Google’s message. So, it isn’t that bad, right?!

More than just a simple launcher, Google Now has always been a great tool. As we previously said, with the integration of those things in both the Google Chrome browser and ChromeOS, the feature, which made its debut back in 2012, eventually came to a ton of sleek options that would later find their way into other popular products.

The last smartphones that the tech giant launched that ran the Google Now Launcher and included the Now on Tap function were two cool devices known as Nexus 5X and 6P. Back in 2018, the company also released its final security update for that hardware, thereby ending the Google Now project. Such a thing brings us here today, where Google has decided to take us to another level and, of course, upgrading our experience. Who knows what’s up next?!

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