The Sims 4 Fall Release Date Is Confirmed, Harry Potter Expansion Pack Surveyed


While most fans believe that the Sims 4 will not make it to the Fall 2014 window, a new tweet made by an EA and Maxis member confirms that the release date will not be pushed to 2015 as speculated.

Even though, the member Graham Nardone didn’t confirm a specific date on his tweet, he confirmed that there is nothing to worry about because the game will launch in Fall 2014 as said earlier and the companies will stick to their words. This is assuring news because it adds up to the survey that is circulating for weeks now, asking players to answer questions on the expansion packs they would love. For a long time now, fans of the Sims series were left in the dark because EA or Maxis didn’t share any official news with the community.

The GDC Discussion

The most recent official conversation took place during the Game Developers Conference 2014. The team discussed about introducing concurrent interactions to the title which will allow the virtual characters to do multiple actions simultaneously. They clarified that multi-tasking is so common in real life where people watch television, drink a soda and talk to their friends at the same time. A similar feature is expected to be part of the upcoming game which will make it more impressive and bring it closer to real life. Players have been asking for more freedom and some of those in the official forums demanded something like GTA where you can go to any part of the city than being limited to the neighborhood. There is no confirmation whether Maxis will implement such a change.

At the same time, the survey that EA has been conducting on expansion packs and pricing of The Sims 4 is now reaching more people it seems. Another user posted on Reddit some time ago claiming that he has received a similar survey. He didn’t post any images like the previous individual but he shared plenty of interesting features about the upcoming game. In the context, the player explained that the survey asked him to choose the expansion packs that he would love the most which includes a pack that will allow the Sims to go study in magic colleges.

Be a Wizard

They will be trained to become wizards and witches which is hugely inspired by the Harry Potter series. The pack is being referred to as the Dragonology which could very well be an official Harry Potter expansion pack and players were asked to vote for it. Other interesting packs include a superhero theme where the Sim could become a powerful individual with superpowers, a disaster expansion pack and the usual ones including university, seasons among others. The poster also revealed that he came across specific stuff packs which included a beach setup, a celebrity stuff pack and activity pack. The survey had detailed questions on the pricing for The Sims 4 and it questioned whether they will buy the game at a specified price limit. Going by this repeated survey news, it seems EA is definitely working on it and a Fall release date is quite possible.

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