Modern Warfare’s New Battle Rifle Has Players Divided – What’s Wrong With It?

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Bad news for Modern Warfare 2’s fans! Well, somehow, maybe for some, this won’t come as bad news; anyhow, we can say that something’s wrong with the Modern Warfare 2’s New Battle Rifle. Apparently, it isn’t what everyone expected, and it’s such a shame. As you probably know by now, on April 12, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will receive a fresh batch of seasonal content (yay!) One of the game’s highlights will be an entirely new combat rifle chambered in 6.8 mm, which is already stirring quite the buzz. Unfortunately, it won’t be the Sig MCX SPEAR that some of us have been highly requesting. So, what to expect?

Infinity Ward has decided to try something else, like a wilder course of action that could ultimately prove to be more intriguing. Is it worth the new Battle Rifle, aka General Dynamics’ RM277? As Reddit user BleedingUranium observes, there is a significant chance that more gamers will find the fictitious RM277 actually more fascinating than a high-caliber M13B would have been. Could that be the case?

A good complement to the Intervention sniper rifle’s re-release in Modern Warfare 2 is the Cronen Squall, a powerful bullpup rifle with an unusual design. However, the Sig SPEAR might still be released at a later time, which is also a distinct possibility. And that’s not all!

Modern Warfare 2’s extensive arsenal of weaponry is really sleek, making it one of the most difficult Call of Duty metas to date for Infinity Ward. I mean, you could look for better, but they clearly tell you not to (hehe)!

Even if we don’t get to see the much-awaited Sig MCX SPEAR and get the RM277 instead, it shouldn’t be that disappointing, right?! Of course, there’s plenty of content in the coming months, so who knows, maybe we’ll get what we’re really expecting.

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