Genshin Impact v3.7 Update – Kirara Comes As a New Character

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The next update, 3.7 of Genshin Impact, is planned to include a new character by the name of Kirara. How cool is that?! With each new update that is released, the game’s cast of NPC continues to grow, and for fans, this is definitely a delight. So, players could right away start to support Mika, which is a new four-star Cryo user part of the Ayaka and Shenhe double banner. Curious about what else Genshin Impact v3.7 update brings?

Check out the official announcement of Kirara by Genshin Impact:

Who is Kirara?

Kirara is an employee of the Komaniya Express, a well-known delivery service in Inazuma. She is also shown to be a Youkai, which, FYI, is actually a sort of legendary Japanese monster that can be easily identified by the two tails that follow her all the time. Quite impressive, isn’t it?! Many praise Kirara for her excellent work ethic and say that she is kind, energetic, and on time.

Check out other cool things about Kirara:

  • She is a new Dendro character in Genshin Impact
  • She will be the second sword user with a Dendro Vision after Alhaitham
  • She is actually a four-star character

Since that HoYoverse has just added many new Dendro users, some believe that Kirara will have a different Vision. Things will shortly clarify when everything will be officially released!

Two Dendro characters, Baizu and Kaveh, who are slated to debut on the update’s second banner, have already been confirmed thanks to the recently concluded Special Program event for version 3.6. And that’s not all!

Moreover, the Dendro Archon Nahida, also known as Lesser Lord Kusanali, will make her debut in version 3.6. Great! Kirara is one of the greatest news we could’ve gotten from Genshin Impact.

What’s so amazing about about Genshin Impact is that the game is now accessible on PC, mobile, PS4, as well as PS5. A Switch version is currently in the working.

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