Minecraft Xbox 360 TU21 Update

The Title Update 21 for Minecraft for Xbox 360 includes several notable changes and bug fixes. It is one of the few Minecraft updates that was pushed across multiple platforms at the same time. The developers pushed it for all consoles and the Windows version at the same time. Prior to the actually update launch the devs announced TU21 on twitter which got the fans quite excited.

Notable Patch Notes

Some of the general bug fixes included in the patch mention a Redstone fix, increased minecart cap, map crafting results in an empty map, fixed a crash associated with Noteblock, corrected a problem with village generation, corrected a bug that caused minecarts to travel through Nether Portals and a Witch Hut bug was fixed that caused mobs to spawn in them.

The above mentioned bugs sum up all the changes that were introduced in this update. According to the devs, Title Update 21 is not focused on adding new features but rather on fixing existing bugs. Some of these bugs were game breaking but nothing too serious. The patch notes mention another bug that was fixed but only on the PS Vita as it seems it was the only platform with this issue. It seems that the Vita had a bug that caused clouds to looks 2D.

Title Update 21 Pushed To All Platforms At the Same Time

The developers tend to release the title updates separately and some platforms get the update faster than others. This time TU21 came on the same day for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Vita and PC. The exception which caused the patch to be pushed on all the platforms at the same time is the fact that it was a very small update that only contained bug fixes. There were actually only 9 fixes in the patch notes.

The patch itself was pushed on February 10 across all platforms at the same time. As part of the continuous development and expansion of the game, 4J Studios seems to invest a lot of effort in fixing bugs. It seems that the company actually develops a schedule of releasing a patch with new content while the next one will focus on bugs and fixes. The next title update is expected to focus on adding new features more than bug fixing.

4J Studios released another patch on the same day. The devs introduced a new skin pack for Xbox console. It seems that Disney Channel’s Star Wars Rebels were added to the pack deployed in December. The new Star Wars skins are not available for free. Players need to pay $2.99 to get them. The pack includes 23 skins plus the Star Wars ones.

Since the release of title update 21, 4J studios continues to work on their voxel powered game with more updates to come in the near future. TU22 is already being discussed by the community. Meanwhile, the constant updates and patches makes Minecraft one of the games with the fastest development cycles. It seems that the devs start working on a brand new patch the moment they deploy the latest one.

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