Minecraft PS4 – TU19 Gameplay Shows Wither

The next update for Minecraft PS4 and Minecraft PS3 has been long in the making, with not a single major update for the PS4 version of the game yet, and with the last major update for the Playstation 3 edition being in March of this year. However this next update, TU19 looks set to make up for this abnormal gap between updates. How? By combining 3 updates into one for a very large addition to the Minecraft Playstation experience.

Previously this was thought to add a significant amount of work and therefore delay to the update, however this weekend at the Playstation Experience event in Las Vegas developers 4JStudios actually showed of the update in it’s finished form, and allowed people to not only play it, but also record it. Here is some of that footage taken by a twitter user who went to the event:

As you can see, the footage of the next update is quite blurry but still shows us some incredible things coming. First of all, the wither boss. This is the hardest to kill mob in the game, and brings a level of challenge to Minecraft that we’ve never seen before on the consoles. In addition to just simply being there and functioning, it looks like the wither is actually entirely lag free, something the PC equivalent can’t say. This is very impressive and makes the next update very exciting from a survival perspective.

Next shown was the trapped chest, which is an exciting new way to trick your friends into locking themselves in somewhere, or even being blown up! A short preview of some of the new redstone features which should get anyone with some redstone urges excited.

After this were the new firework feature, which are essentially a glorified way to celebrate by using your resources too make cool patterns in the sky. The number of different patterns do make them an exciting way to show off, however and if that sounds like your thing then fireworks are looking excellent right now.

Finally, the video rounds off with the 3 varieties of horses, which are by far the most anticipated feature in this next update. Three separate spawn eggs allow you to pick between the largest and most damage resistant, the horse, or the smallest but highest capacity the donkey with even the cross between the two (the mule) having it’s own spawn egg, making riding around in creative an easy endeavor.

So, overall the new update looks excellent, and essentially complete. According to reports from the event TU19 is set to release in the next couple of weeks, so you can look forward to all of these new features!


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