Viber or Skype vs WhatsApp vs Line vs WeChat: It’s On

In this day and age, messaging is big. Instant messaging,now that’s huge and it really seems like the deciding factor to best the competition. Because of instant messaging popularity, the business aspect continues to grow with an array of different companies duking it out. In the scheme of things, there are only five companies that stand out and taller than the rest.

The companies in question are Viber, Skype, WhatsApp and Line and WeChat. In a bit of a civil war battle, we will find out what company provides the overall best service and which company best suites the public.


Viber is a good service, that some of us already know but the other thing we know is that it is starting to feel rather vintage with it’s iOS 6 feel to it, iPhone users can feel that pain as well but the actual function is right up there with the times. The other thing to acknowledge is that labeling Viber as an instant messaging service feels like a bit of a misnomer because really, it is actually more of a voice messaging service. Obviously, instant messaging is the main focal point of these companies but Viber, their central force is voice messaging, which drops it stock considerably.


When it comes to the video call, Skype is king and it is the standard in general. Skype however, has a pretty great instant messaging service as well and the fact it is compatible with the vast majority of devices is a plus too. It also well established with Windows 8 and the Windows 8 for portable devices. It enables high standards on group chats. Also, when it comes to the volume of customers, Skype beats the pack by quite a bit at a whopping 300 million.


You can think of WhatsApp as the family man of the instant messaging group, it brings the people together, user friendly controls and the overall use is a pretty simple affair. At this current juncture, the company is enjoying an international popularity and that is obviously leading to a thriving business. After it was acquired by Facebook, the interest elevated and with that, they are developing a more contemporary service but the instant messaging and the average emojis still do the trick, which still makes WhatsApp a great service to use.


Japan’s bid in the instant messaging ring, is very similar to the next service on our list, WeChat. The instant messaging is on par with the rest, emoticons, text and voice messaging, etc. What makes Line standout a little more the other four is that it has a great location finder of stuff like possible local celebrities living or visiting within the same region, sports teams and other like stuff, so it can be definitely a good time here and there if you enjoy that type of thing.


China’s bid for instant messaging supremacy, WeChat is the real deal and what its all about in instant messaging. It has a great selection of in-app games, emoticons, photo location, app sharing, code scanning and it also sports great facilities for storing contacts. WeChat also has a really good social aspect to it as well and it has a great function for the user to show and update their status.

And the Winner by Unanimous Decision is…

Each one of these companies have a great service to offer, some better than others. It really all depends on what exactly you are looking for but if there had to be a favorite, one that has a better chance of becoming leader of the pack when Skype stock begins to settle, it would certainly have to go to WeChat because it really has the feel of a company that is striving to get better and they appear like they are going to do everything it takes to stay current and likely always be on edge to best whatever competition gets in it’s way.

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