Using WhatsApp Plus Fake ‘Last Seen’ Status – Cheating the Blue Ticks

There is no popular instant messaging app than WhatsApp in today’s modern age.

In no time, this application has swelled the number of users using it on a daily basis across the globe. To make the matters even worse for other competing apps; WhatsApp was taken over by Facebook, who is another giant when it comes to social networking sites, and it only keeps getting better and better at WhatsApp, if numbers are anything to go by.

One funny and rather weird thing about the unprecedented growth WhatsApp has been experiencing is that its use is not available for free. This is something that a bunch of other apps out there is, yet they have nothing close to what WhatsApp has when it comes to the number of users. Users of WhatsApp can only use it for one year as a freeware; however, after a year of use, they’ll be required to pay for the services of this app.

How would it feel to learn that there is a second alternative to WhatsApp and its name is WhatsApp Plus? Well, there is and these two apps exist but only with very slight but significant differences.

There are a number of features you can get on WhatsApp Plus but you cannot get them on WhatsApp. Among them is personalization. Users of WhatsApp Plus can customize the app according to their personal needs, for instance, they can change the icons, themes, background colors, sizes of display pictures and fonts in chats. What this means is that users of WhatsApp Plus enjoy a greater and more enhanced experience when using this app as opposed to users of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Plus, as the name suggests, has a bunch of additional features that you won’t find on WhatsApp. However, the three most important features of them all are discussed in the following section.

Hiding your ‘Last Seen’ Status

One good thing about WhatsApp Plus is the significance it places on the privacy of the users as compared to how WhatsApp handles matters in similar capacities. You can apply an array of privacy features in this version that you won’t find on WhatsApp. One such feature of WhatsApp Plus is the ability to ‘freeze’ your ‘last seen’ status. What this freezing of the last seen status means is that the last time and date which you apply the freezing action on your last seen status, it will remain the same regardless of any changes in time.

Hiding the Blue Ticks

Today, users of WhatsApp are split over whether to update to the latest version of WhatsApp, stick with the earlier version, or even dump the app all together. All this fuss is being brought about by the WhatsApp’s new blue tick feature that allows the person sending a message tell when the recipient receives and reads a message.

Many of those frowning about this update are of the view that this feature completely violates the use of this application as they are obligated to reply to some messages even if they did not want to. The other side of this is that they may ignore the message and face the consequences that will come with it; something that can be backed by the newly released research report that revealed that 44% of the divorces in Italy were caused by WhatsApp and related social networking sites.

In providing good riddance, WhatsApp Plus gets rid of this feature by providing users with the ability to hide the blue ticks. In this way, you can read your messages without the sender having to be notified that you’ve read the message.

Hiding the Second Tick

When you send a message on WhatsApp, two grey ticks appear against the sent message. They are used to indicate that the sent message has been delivered to the intended device. It is only when the recipient goes to their device to open WhatsApp and read the message that the grey ticks turn blue.

In WhatsApp Plus, it is possible to hide the second grey tick that indicates the message has been delivered to a device. When this is activated, it means that the message sender won’t be able to know if the message has reached the recipient’s device. He or she will think that the recipient is offline or in an area with poor coverage. In this way, you can read your messages without having any fears of replying immediately. You can also personalize your display and add spice to the offline camouflage.

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