Minecraft PS4 – Bigger and Better Than Previous Iterations with Enormous Maps

To put it in a nutshell, Minecraft is a game where you dig and build huts for protecting yourself from attacks by zombies.

However, there is an immense depth to the game. It was initially released some 5 years ago for the desktop and later made its debut on the consoles, the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

The PS4 Edition

The PS4 edition offers an immersive experience for exploring and creating. The aesthetics are sharper and the performance is better, making it the best version on consoles. Minecraft is one of the best games that you can own on the PlayStation 4 with enormous maps, making it much bigger and better than the other console versions.

The Game

You have a map and your imagination for crafting your world in the game. The player has to first knock down some wood from a nearby tree to begin construction. He also has a pickaxe to find coal and ores and an axe for gathering lumber. You can then upgrade to get stone tools and then iron for constructing better tools. You can craft a sword for protecting yourself from dangerous monsters that come during the night, zombies or a creeper in a mineshaft.

Satisfying Construction

The player can get an immense sense of satisfaction while constructing in the game. You must start by constructing a simple shack created with the use of wood, dirt, etc. However, later on, you can build a cabin with several rooms. Apart from building a cabin, you can walk in the jungle and create a tree house. You can also dig around for precious materials to build an underground house. All these projects are based on your own imagination and vision; so it offers a great sense of accomplishment when you complete a structure.

Interaction Features

Minecraft PS4 is not about only constructing a home or going into caves, but also exploring and interacting with the surrounding world. You can find ancient temples in the desert and find treasure chests. You can also find a town with villagers who offer good options for trading. You could also take their books and dig their crops, till land for producing wheat; carrots and potatoes. The sandbox game is full of activities that suit any mood, such as scavenging an abandoned mine or watching the sun set from your home.

Block Construction

The surroundings are made of blocks, comprising the dirt on the ground to different trees seen in the landscape. All the animals and monsters that you see and even the clouds have bright colors and are created with sharp angles. You can view snow-capped mountains along with arid deserts in a divergent biome. Dark oak trees will be found side by side with bright green jungles and a burst of flora. Rivers are polygonal pieces that slice through the land. The entire effect is overwhelming, but you get a lot of guidance in the game.

Minecraft PS4 – More Accessible

The PS4 edition of the game is more accessible when compared to the desktop version, due to the comprehensive tutorial. It is very simple to learn the various aspects of the game with tooltips popping up through the game, offering information related to materials and how to use them. If you are not sure about how to build a staircase or produce a furnace, you only need to press a button to get information. The tutorial map is a detailed one that offers ample guidance. It begins with the basics and then moves on to the more complicated parts for crafting, enchanting and brewing potions.

Playing with Friends

It is also possible to play with family and friends in the PS4 version, as you can invite 7 other players to join the PS network. There is also a 4-player mode with split screen.

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