Minecraft PS4 – A Sea of Changes in Features and Size

Small and Big Changes

Minecraft is a revolutionary game and Minecraft for the PlayStation 4 is only a chip off the old block. It is a sandbox game from Markus Notch Persson and is a cultural phenomenon. The PS4 version is quite the same as the PS3 version, but there are some small refinements along with huge improvements to be found, when you dig deeper.

Improved Views

The basic modes of gameplay and the controls remain the same as the PS3 version. However, PS4 brings in additional horsepower; so there are many improvements. The draw distances, for instance, have increased and you can view creations from a greater distance. Though the improvements seem to be minor ones, it is very easy to get lost in this voxel world; so, it is very useful to be able to sight a shelter or view friends from a longer distance. The settings have also become more stunning, due to the smoother frame rate of PS4 along with a sharper presentation at 1080 pixel resolution.

Enhanced Controls

The controls have been enhanced, thereby allowing players to manage their inventory, using a touch pad, though the rest of the controls are the same. You can get more usage with this additional feature, but it all depends on the player. You can move items with analogue sticks or with the new surface that is finger sensitive. Both the options are excellent, and it is very easy to move between an object and the inventory space.

Change in World Size

Perhaps, the biggest change in the PS4 version of the game is the size of the worlds. Of course, the worlds are not infinite, as is the case in the PC version and the Pocket edition. However, the scope has increased, when compared to the previous PS3 version. This allows players more freedom for exploring and discovering new locations. This could be in the form of lush jungles or giant mountains or huge caves that you can discover, for several hours. You can find a secret sand temple or a stone fortress as well, in the vast world of PS4 Minecraft.

Basic Combat

The combat features of the version are pretty basic, as it offers a few rewards in the beginning, but soon ends up in mindless slaughter. Netherworld is a little challenging, but it comes right at the end and by the time you reach the stage, you will be in possession of excellent gear, so you may not find it too rewarding.

Biggest Threat and Vulnerability

The biggest threat in the game comes in the form of dangerous mine shafts, skeletons, zombies and spiders or a creeper near your shelter. If they find you, they will blow you up along with your creations. This leads to a feeling of vulnerability and a lot of tension and pressure in such scenarios. You will get a great sense of relief when you get back to your fort. You can then share these adventures with friends with online multiplayer modes. It can be fun to build something and share it with family and friends. However, the progress of content and of characters does not get transferred from one world to another. PS4 provides an impressive sharing functionality.

No Mod Support

The Mod support is a major feature that has led to the great success of the title in the PC version. This is missing in the PS4 version, though the stock version of the game is great, but it does fall short when compared to the PC based build.


Though you cannot install mods or play in infinite worlds having dedicated servers, Minecraft PS4 version can still be a very addictive game. The visuals have been improved and the settings are larger, offering a better experience when compared to those offered in the previous consoles.

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