How to Increase Apple Watch Haptic/Vibration Intensity

Apple Watch has come up with a unique feature i.e. its Taptic Engine. Taptic Engine will send feedback via vibration motor of sorts and is also involved in generating vibrating alerts. The vibration made by this engine is said to be different that it was offered earlier. These vibrations are set to be very neat and polite and you may not notice them if you are busy or involved into something. Such unnoticeable vibrations can cause loss to any important notification or could be an added advantage not disturbing you enough for regular alerts.

To tackle this pro or con, wherever you wish to put it, Apple has provided a feature they call Prominent Haptic. If it is turned on, it will send prolonged and strong vibrations and will cause your Apple Watch to perform a long vibration acting as a pre-warning before an alert is about to be received. Prominent Haptic makes sure that you do not miss out any notifications and we highly recommend it to stay active if you do not wish to lose on anything.

There are few easy steps that can be followed to turn it on. You can to set this function to operate from both your iPhone and Apple Watch. This is how you do it.

From iPhone

Step 1:  Open Apple Watch app from your synched iPhone

Step 2:  Move to Sound & Haptics

Step 3:  Here you will find an option labeled Prominent Haptic, turn it On

From Apple Watch

Step 1:  Open Settings app from your Apple Watch

Step 2:  Go to Sounds and Haptics

Step 3:  In the similar way as you were taught about iPhone, turn the Prominent Haptic mode On

Once you are through it, you can stay relaxed as you are not going to miss out any notifications as Prominent Haptic is made to keep you updated and alerted.

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