How To Play Cash Of Clans With Tips And Tricks

If you are an ardent fan of the Clash of Clans and cannot get enough of the game, there are a few strategies and tactics to keep in mind for moving ahead in the game. If you are reading this, it means that you wish to play and win ahead, so for your convenience here are  some points which will let you play ahead in this game.

  1. Try and save the gems in the initial stages of the game. In the beginning the player is allotted with 500 gems, 50 out of which are finished off in the tutorial itself. The key here is to be patient while the builders are doing the job. The gems which are saved will be very helpful in the future stages, so do think before clicking on to speed the building process, instead take your time and strategies well.
  1. Consider the cost of every unit and save the gems. The main goal is to save resources for the future so instead of going for something upgraded, try simple things which can be built faster and cost much less. For example, Barbarians are cheaper than the giants and the giants are cheaper than Dragons, so when the time arises, use more of barbarians to save the resources. While the superior features are good, they do cost quite a lot, which is why it is important to keep in mind when to use what. Go for multiple archers, rather than going for one wizard, all this will save you time and resources.
  1. Using the spell is a great feature and it helps the player in advancing in the game, however, it is important to keep in mind that spells are something which requires a number of elixirs which is why the player should use them well. Since they take so much time to re-create, try and use them at a stage where you can win back the number of resources which you are spending to cut the losses.
  1. Upgrading the town hall very fast is a mistake. While most people do not know about this feature it for a fact that if your town hall is more upgraded than your rival’s then your loot will be subsidized. Like for example if your town hall is a stage higher than your enemies then you will get 90% loot instead of a 100% and this deterioration goes on further and further depending on the difference in the level of up gradation between you and your arch-rival’s town hall.
  1. To continue farming, always use the next button, which requires a little bit of gold to activate. What this method will do is it will help you find the best base to attack. So the next time you are farming trophies or resources, be sure to click the next frequently.
  1. Placing the clan castle right at the centre is a very good move. It is a defense mechanism, because as the enemy enters the range of the castle, it will give the units of your clan to pour out and defeat the rivals. However, if the castle is somewhere in the corners, it will be easy for the enemy to kill the units and defeat you. This feature can be used once you cross stage 7.
  2. Always go for the dark elixir, as it is a very important tool to move ahead in the game. This is one resource you need to prioritize or else you may end up having lesser resources which will affect your game plan.
  1. Clash of Clans is a fun way to spend your leisure hours so always be attentive while playing it and make sure to use the resources tactfully.

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